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Insights, guidance and opinions from Appello on a new era of
digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC).

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Two elderly people looking at tablet

What to consider for your digital journey?

As many are aware, the shift to digital technology has become an...

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Group of staff discussing new objectives

What to consider when managing the transition to digital telecare

In many ways, making the business case for digital telecare is the...

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5 things about SmartLife you didn't know

5 things about SmartLife you may not know

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Woman looking at Appello's SLS system

Why you need to engage your customers with digital telecare

The benefits of involving your customers in your digital telecare plans from...

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Phonebox in field

Are you prepared for digital Telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC)?

The UK’s phone/telecoms infrastructure is changing, by 2025 telecom companies such as...

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Woman pressing SmartLife button

Importance of interoperability

Interoperability has become a key element in the progression of digital telecare,...

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