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Insights, guidance and opinions from Appello on a new era of
digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC).

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What to expect in 2022 for the TEC Sector

2021 has seen many challenges thrown at housing providers and those delivering...

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500 and counting for Smart Living Solutions

Just weeks after celebrating five years since the first installation of Smart...

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End of Year round up

The past year has seen many challenges thrown, not only our way...

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TLS encryption and what it means for the TEC Sector

When people talk in tech initialisms, do you find yourself glazing over...

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A chat about Digital Transformation and tips for other organisations on the digital journey

The Guinness Partnership were founded in 1890 to improve people’s lives; including...

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Part 3: The Technology Enabled Care Journey Through the Eyes of the Appello Staff

In the final part of our 3-part series we are speaking to...

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