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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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We have developed a family of TECS solutions to help enable people to lead independent and fulfilled lives

Integrated or standalone, they form a digital package of care and wellbeing; supporting housing, care and health providers to deliver better outcomes - ones that improve the lives of their customers, patients and residents.

Smart Living Solutions: For Development Living

Smart Living Solutions are our suite of digital independent living solutions that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes – replacing analogue telecare with services that will empower people to lead independent, engaged lives for longer.
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SmartAlert: For Community Living

SmartAlert is the most advanced digital dispersed alarm, providing unparalleled coverage throughout the home and voice activation. Through the ability to operate on multiple protocols, SmartAlert provider commissioners with a future-proofed digital dispersed alarm solution.
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Digital Telecare Monitoring

Our digital TECS monitoring centre provides 24 hour support to individuals with a variety of needs such as vulnerable people, older people, people with long-term conditions and people with complex needs.
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Integrated Health Care

TECS delivers better outcomes and creates capacity -empowering service providers across health and community care to deliver new models of care.
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