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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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The right support at the right time - deliver exceptional services with our Careline solutions


Our award-winning Careline solutions help organisations in the housing and care sectors deliver exceptional services to their customers.

We support people across the UK with everything from telecare alarm calls to proactive wellbeing reminders to dealing with a leaky tap. Our forward-thinking and robust monitoring services handle over 5 million calls annually, including a significant number over the digital network. Whatever your requirements, we act as a seamless extension of your organisation, ensuring you meet your customers' specific needs and stay at the forefront of your industry.

Digital Telecare Briefing: How ready are we for the digital switch?

Digital Telecare Briefing: How ready are we for the digital switch?

With work to upgrade the telecoms network progressing, how are telecare and warden call services impacted, and are the housing and social care sectors responding to the need to transition to digital services?

This briefing considers what progress has been made so far and the challenges we still face to ensure essential telecare services are safe now and in the future.

In this briefing, we look at:

– What progress has been made so far.

– Are we on track for the transition to digital telecare and warden call services?

– What are the challenges?

– What is holding housing providers back from going digital?

– What should they do now?

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Why choose our monitoring centre?

We focus on people

People are central to our Careline services. Our priority is to meet both your expectations and the needs of the individuals relying on our support.

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We recognise the value of insight

As a digital solution, our Careline services provide you with a wealth of data, helping you to better understand the needs of your clients.

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We are innovative

We have a proven track record as market leaders, providing solutions such as our award-winning call handling platform CareNet, which underpins our Careline services.

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Our monitoring centre is supported by Appello Cloud Services, helping to deliver a more responsive, reliable and flexible careline service.

CareNet EVO
Our award-winning call handling platform for our Careline service. Intuitive to use and supports both digital and analogue for safe, reliable connection. Also available for use within other monitoring centres.
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Our online management tool works alongside CareNet, enabling seamless sharing of information to help you administer and improve your services.
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Our analogue to digital protocol conversion tool, providing you with a safe way to manage your transition to digital telecare.
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Careline Services

A history of innovation in Careline


Our people and experience

From the critical role our operators play through to the individuals who rely on our services, people are at the heart of what we do.

  • Over 30 years' experience - we've worked with some of the largest housing providers and commercial businesses in the UK.
  • A partnership approach - we balance the needs of your own customers with the requirements and procedures of your organisation.
  • The right skills - we ensure our operators only receive the calls they have been specifically trained for and are approved to manage.
  • A dedicated team - Our team comprises of industry leaders with unrivalled experience and expertise in the sector.

Unprecedented Scale

As the UK’s largest monitoring centre, supporting over 300,000 individuals, our scale enables our customer to benefit from unique capabilities.

  • We have unprecedented experience in handling calls, different types and varying procedures meaning our operators have the skills to handle every scenario.
  • Scale has given us unparalleled experience into working with different types of customers, different technical requirements, and varying visions for the use of TEC
  • Scale enables us to invest in the appropriate training, resources and expertise to identify and develop solutions.
  • We have unrivalled insight into the impact of First Time Call Failures (FTCF) due to the digital switch. We have managed over 13 million digital calls, providing our customer with the reassurance we have the greater awareness and knowledge into future trends.

Backed by technology

Our innovative use of technology supports our people-first focus, helping to deliver safer services and targeted support. Our Careline services are backed by CareNet EVO, our call handling platform, specifically designed for the digital network.

  • Industry-leading – the first fully digital call handling platform in the UK.
  • Flexible – CareNet is compatible with the digital telecoms network, offering a safe and future-proofed option. It also supports the majority of legacy devices and alarm systems.
  • Trusted – CareNet is a proven and robust digital call handling solution, receiving over 300,000 digital calls annually.
  • Accessible – intuitive to use, with all information in one place and the ability for staff to work remotely if needed.
  • Powerful – CareNet EVO is part of Appello Cloud Services, bringing together everything you need to deliver life-enhancing Technology Enabled Care services.

AppelloSBR - online management tool

Greater insight and control at your fingertips

All our digital products are backed by Appello Cloud Services, a suite of online tools that enable safer, integrated and insight-led technology enabled care.
AppelloSBR has been designed to work alongside our call handling platform CareNet as an information engine, helping you to manage and refine the support you provide.
• Offers a secure way to share and access information.
• Records are updated in real time at both ends, so your staff and our operators have access to the latest details on individuals.
• With all information in one place, it’s easy to onboard new users, check individuals’ records and view call volumes.
• Use data and analytics for valuable insights on the usage of services.
• Secure online access means staff can provide remote assistance if needed.

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    After seeing Appello's digital solution we've made a commitment to only install digital care solutions in our new developments.

    Tony Tench CTO
    Housing and Care 21

    At Housing & Care 21, we decided not to invest in analogue systems going forward as these are yesterday’s technology. We are committed to providing a more contemporary service, fit for modern times, and going digital allows us to look at new service models.

    Tony Tench
    Chief Operating Officer, Housing21

    98% of our customers feel safer knowing they have access to Appello in an emergency