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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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We partner with housing, health and care providers, empowering them to benefit from a digital era of telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC).

We work with you to deliver safer, happier and enriched communities through technology, people and innovation.

As market leaders in digital telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC), we support you to transition to digital services.


Our experience combines specialist people in the UK’s most innovative TEC monitoring centre, with future-led, cloud hosted, digital technology. This enriches the lives of our service users enabling them to remain safe, secure, well and living ‘smart’ within their communities.

Our Experience

We have been delivering TEC services for over 30 years. Our journey of supporting service users to live independently dates back to 24th June 1988 when we took our first emergency call. With a team of just 5 employees, we were pioneers for emergency monitoring. Over the next decade as our business grew so did our team. We now manage millions of calls every year, from critical emergencies to sign posting and out of hours services, however the object remains the same – ensuring the service users receive the right outcome and feels valued.



As market leaders in monitoring calls, we were well equipped to see the impact of telecoms providers upgrading the network to digital. In 2014 we started the development of the UK’s first fully digital telecare solution, Smart Living Solutions (SLS). In 2016, this became the first digital installed system in the UK.


The move to digital has been significant and exciting, and since 2016 we have been at the forefront of educating the sector by supporting suppliers, providers and service users to realise the benefits of this digital era. In our time we have managed to digitally connect over 25,000 customers.


Our Smart Living Solutions system (SLS) has grown to become the widest deployed digital telecare solution in the UK reaching the 500th housing development installation in early 2022. Its success led to us expanding our solutions to create a portfolio of SmartTEC offerings in 2021 to ensure everyone can realise the benefits of digital.


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We’re led by a dedicated, and enthusiastic team with considerable experience of delivering services to housing, social and healthcare providers.
James Thorburn Chief Executive Officer
Carl Atkey Chief Technical Officer
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Craig Barlow Managing Director
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Gill Atkey Industry & Customer Liaison Director
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Mark Stratford Group Product Management Director
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Jo Hodgson Head of People
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David Budd Corporate Business Development Director

We Provide Reassurance, Care and Safety

Our digital health, care and life safety systems make a valuable contribution to the health and social wellbeing of an ageing population, below are some examples: See How We Can Help
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  • Appello digital technology chosen for extra care development
  • Social exclusion: What's the issue for housing providers?
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"98% of our customers feel safer knowing they have access to Appello in an Emergency"

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