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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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Appello KnowledgeBase
Embrace the move to digital.

The Appello KnowledgeBase is a customer portal with everything you need to know about your new digital product or monitoring service.


We want to ensure that site staff are feeling the efficiency benefits and being supported in their new way of working.


We want to ensure residents are comfortable with the equipment, and confident to use all the features that can improve their wellbeing and support them to live independently.


The Appello KnoweldgeBase contains everything from videos, how to guides and FAQ’s.


Introduction Video

This video will guide you through how to use the knowledgebase.


Best contact information for Appello departments.

How to guides/videos

A variety of guides and videos explaining how to use features of your digital product/service.

Refresher training sessions

You can book in a session with one of our team to go over any training you might like to re-visit.

Getting started tips

Find tips on how to get started with your new device/service. 



Frequently asked questions which might answer your question.  

To register, email marketing@appello.co.uk with your name, organisation name and email address.