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Enhanced dual SIM dispersed alarm, with unprecedented digital connectivity.


Time to upgrade! SmartLife DUAL is the UK’s first digital dispersed alarm with interoperability and a Dual SIM.

With inbuilt dual SIM failover technology, SmartLife DUAL, ensures robust digital mobile connectivity through an advanced roaming algorithm and a secondary SIM pathway, provided at no additional cost. To celebrate the launch, SmartLife DUAL is available for a limited time at £199. This includes the SmartLife DUAL base unit supplied with our SmartTrigger pendant for raising an alarm. To find out more about this latest offer email: business@appello.co.uk If you would like further information about SmartLife DUAL, before making a decision, download our brochure and specification sheet below.

Download our FREE brochure on SmartLife DUAL

Download our FREE brochure on SmartLife DUAL

Our dual SIM, digital dispersed alarm with ground-breaking interoperability for a new era of Technology Enabled Care.

Don’t forget our limited time offer! SmartLifeDUAL base unit + SmartTrigger = £199! Email:  business@appello.co.uk

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Enables interoperability

SmartLife DUAL provides you with greater choice and enables you to personalise services through interoperability.

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Improves safety and promotes indepedence

Capable of operating on digital and analogue protocols, including NOW-IP, SCAIP and TT92 along with updates on safety and wellbeing.

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Greater reliability and resilience with digital connectivity

SmartLife DUAL offers a multitude of connectivity options including, fixed line and dual SIM mobile digital connectivity.

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Features and Benefits

Unprecedented digital connectivity

Provides the reassurance of both digital fixed line and mobile network connectivity. Operates on a range of alarm protocols including SCAIP (EN50134-9), NOWIP (BS8521-2), TT92 and 4G LTE/GSM, enabling faster connections and mitigating first-time call failures.

Legacy compatible

Enables you to begin your digital transition with confidence, with the ability to connect to analogue-equipped Alarm Receiving Centres via PSTN through the common signalling protocol BS8521-1 and TT92.


Allows you to connect with peripheral radio telecare devices manufactured by Appello, Tunstall and Cair, offering greater flexibility and choice.

Dual SIM reliability

SmartLif DUAL with dual SIM failover technology ensures robust digital mobile connectivity. Uniquely, both SIMs can be tested during installation to confirm appropriate operation.

Online Device Management

AppelloDMP, our secure management tool provides easy access wherever you are for upgrades and programming along with 24/7 device monitoring.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Reduces no-speech calls, connecting to a range of Bluetooth speakers for two-way audio, anywhere in the home.

TLS encryption

Ensures a secure connection with Transport Layer Security, the standard encryption protocol for transporting of data over networks.

Unique dual SIM testing

Critically, SmartLife DUAL enables the connectivity of both SIM cards to be tested. This means service providers can have confidence that the failover connectivity is ready for use in the event of an outage.

4G prioritisation

SmartLife DUAL will always attempt 4G first, unlike alternative products which will stay on 2G if they have defaulted to it.

The importance of interoperability

Use your existing telecare equipment with SmartLife DUAL for a flexible digital solution.

SmartLife DUAL is the first digital dispersed alarm system to include interoperability, which allows systems and equipment from different manufacturers to work together, offering a number of benefits for customers.

Features include
  • You can upgrade to digital without the need to change all of your existing telecare peripherals, such as alarm pendants which is a greater return on investment.
  • More choice - as you're not locked into using one manufacturer for all elements of your telecare service.
  • The flexibility to meet the specific needs of individuals, with the option to continue to use the devices they're familiar with.
  • A competitively priced Technology Enabled Care market.



A modern emergency alarm pendant, for telecare, warden call and dispersed alarm systems

Features include:
  • Waterproof - Immersible in water to a depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes.
  • Flexible - An emergency alarm pendant that can be kept in a pocket, worn with a neck cord, a wrist strap or with a belt clip.
  • Extensive reach - Covers up to 600m (line of sight).
  • Thoughtful design - compact, yet the button is large enough that users with impaired dexterity can easily activate the alarm.

SmartLife DUAL is designed as an Open Protocol Platform, working with a diverse range of market leading telecare devices.

Straightforward to use alongside related equipment to support individuals to live as independently as possible in their own homes.

  • Combines with items such as fall detectors, movement sensors or health equipment.
  • Improve personal safety and wellbeing.
  • Create a safer home environment with heat and smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors or flood sensors.
  • Connect with Bluetooth products such as speakers, which can extend two-way audio throughout the home to enable easier communication with staff and emergency operators.

SmartLife DUAL SIM

SmartLife DUAL and AppelloDMP

Application for the management and configuration of an individual or a portfolio of SmartLifeDUAL dispersed alarms.

  • As part of our cloud services, AppelloDMP can be accessed anywhere.
  • Compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Provides teams with the flexibility to configure dispersed alarms quickly and efficiently.
  • AppelloDMP provides a wide range of features from displaying the status and connectivity of a SmartLifeDUAL alarm, too enabling the programming of connected peripherals such as pendants and sensors.

Our Digital TEC timeline


Unlock the power of digital with Appello Cloud Services: management tools, valuable data insights and integration with other TEC services.

Our analogue to digital protocol conversion tool, providing you with a safe way to manage your transition to digital telecare.
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CareNet EVO
Our award-winning call handling platform for our Careline service. Intuitive to use and supports both digital and analogue for safe, reliable connection. Also available for use within other monitoring centres.
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Your management application for SmartLife, helping staff to carry out duties efficiently and identify ways to improve support for residents – COMING SOON
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Open Environment

SmartLife DUAL SIM

SmartLife DUAL continues to uniquely offer intereoperability with leading providers of dispersed alarm peripherals. This means that service providers can continue to maximise existing investments in equipment and provide greater choice for customers as they look to add additional telecare peripherals.

Dual SIM technology provides the ultimate connectivity and redundancy, ensuring that your alarms have the most robust connection, even in the event of a network outage.

- Greater resilience at no extra cost: SmartLife DUAL offers two 4G SIM slots, which act as a failover if the primary SIM is to lose connectivity. Appello provide the 2nd failover roaming SIM at no additional cost.

- Market leading SIM connectivity: SIMs are provided by our trusted partner CSL DualCom, and each SIM is associated with a different high quality core network provider for greater resilience.

- Unique dual SIM testing: Critically, SmartLife DUAL enables the connectivity of both SIM cards to be tested. This means service providers can have confidence that the failover connectivity is ready for use in the event of an outage.

- 4G prioritisation: SmartLife DUAL will always attempt 4G first, unlike alternative products which will stay on 2G if they have defaulted to it.

Discover our SmartTEC Range

Smart Living Solutions
The market-leading Technology Enabled Care suite for supported housing providers. Designed for the digital network to transform the delivery of your services with safety and wellbeing technology. Improves residents' living experience and enables your staff to work more effectively.
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    SmartLife Interoperability demonstration

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    After seeing Appello's digital solution we've made a commitment to only install digital care solutions in our new developments.

    Tony Tench CTO
    Housing and Care 21

    The use of digital tools whether directly or indirectly has proven of almost fundamental importance for communication and access to services in the current climate and the Appello SLS warden call system has had many benefits.

    Denise Williams
    Head of Support, Blackpool Coastal Housing

    The new digital solution meets heightening customer demand for modern independent living and promotes digital inclusion. Appello’s offering is modern, well designed and fit for purpose, with one system alone giving us the ability to be responsive, preventative and promote digital inclusion.

    Wendy Wells
    Head of Policy and Business Implementation at Guinness Care