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New Milton


If you would like to contact Appello, please complete the form below detailiing us:
Telephone: 0333 321 6470

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

Customer Contact Centre: 24/7

Find Us: Oregon House, 19 Queensway, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5NN

Telephone: 0333 321 6470

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

Customer Contact Centre: 24/7

Find Us: Unit 4, Greenways Business Park, Bellinger Close, Chippenham, SN15 1BN

To ensure you receive a prompt response please direct your enquiry to the relevant department below.

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Digital Support
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If you would like to contact Appello, please complete the form below detailing us much as you can about your enquiry. We will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

If you have any queries or technical issues with your device that you need our Digital Support team's advice on please fill in the form at: https://appello.co.uk/digitalsupport
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Appello Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I contact for immediate assistance?
  • What are the benefits of digital alarms?
  • I’m looking for a monitoring service…
  • What hardwired alarms do you have?
  • How much do your products cost?
  • Job opportunities
  • What is the delivery time for your products?
  • I need a new alarm button
  • Where can I purchase a pendant?
  • I wish to cancel a contract.
  • Report a fault
  • What dispersed alarms do you have?
  • When should I begin my digital upgrade?
  • Fall pendant
  • Do we install the cabling ourselves?
  • Does the IP unit have to link to the Appello monitoring service to work?
  • What technical/ network requirements do we need to install IP?
  • What requirements do I need for a hardwired installation in a housing development?
  • What do we measure in terms of system performance remotely?
  • Does door video entry come as standard?
  • How many years warranty for the equipment?
  • Do we link any units via WIFI?
  • How reliable is the service – is it more reliable than analogue?
  • For immediate assistance please see below the correct contact details for specific departments:
    Monitoring service enquiries: 0333 321 6470 Consumer Sales Enquiries: call 0333 321 4025 Digital Support enquiries: call 0333 005 0141 Business enquiries: call 0333 321 6472 Dispersed alarms: 0333 321 4030 HR enquiries: 01425 626 337 Finance enquiries: 0333 005 0464 Feedback: 0333 005 0148
  • As the UK’s phone/telecoms infrastructure is changing, by 2025 telecom providers such as BT and Virgin will have switched off their analogue telephone network and transferred all their customers to digital phone lines. Therefore, all analogue alarms need to be upgraded to digital alarms as continue to experience an increasing number of failed calls.
    Some of the benefits of the digital upgrade are: 1. Faster connection time to the monitoring centre. 2. Reduction in first time call failure rates. 3. No call queues.
  • Appello Careline is our award-winning monitoring service, which provides 24-hour support to the housing, health and care sectors.
    We support over 300,000 people across the UK to receive the right support at the right time. From a health and wellbeing emergency to a leaking tap, our digital centre receives over 7 million calls annually including c.1.7 million digital calls handled by operators. This is with unprecedented capabilities and experience in NOWIP (BS8521 – 2) and SCAIP (EN50134 – 9) digital protocols.
  • We have two hardwired devices we can offer you and your organisation.
    Smart Living Solutions (SLS) - is the market leading digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) suite. Visit our SLS page to find out more: https://appello.co.uk/services/smart-living-solutions/ SmartConnect - simpler version of Smart Living Solutions. Visit our SmartConnect page to find out more: https://appello.co.uk/services/smartconnect/
  • To determine the cost of our products, we would need to know a bit more about your requirements and specifications, such as the layout of the property and number of rooms etc.
    Contact our sales team at sales@appello.co.uk for more information.
  • For any job opportunities at Appello please visit:
  • Our delivery time will depend on the size of your digital project, which product and how many you require.
  • If you need a new alarm system, please contact our sales team at:
  • You can purchase a new pendant by contacting our sales team on
    0333 321 4025 or email: sales@appello.co.uk
  • For cancellations please contact:
  • For equipment fault:
    Visit: www.appello.co.uk/digitalsupport or call: 0333 005 0141
  • We have one dispersed alarm:
    SmartLife is the UK’s first digital dispersed alarm with interoperability. It provides housing and care providers with the reassurance of compatibility with the UK’s digital telecoms network. Visit our SmartLife page to find out more: https://appello.co.uk/services/smartlife/
  • As the digital switchover is already ongoing, we recommend you start your digital upgrade as soon as possible. The earlier the better to reduce the risk of call failures.
  • If you are looking to purchase a fall pendant please contact our sales team:
  • We can install ourselves and use approved sub-contractors for the cable installation and direct staff for device configuration and commissioning.
  • The IP device is compatible with the Appello monitoring service, however other platforms can receive NOWIP protocol.
  • Cat5e minimum standard. Cat 6 is not required as bandwidth requirements are aligned to Cat 5.
  • Minimum requirement business broadband with 2-5mb.
  • The IP heartbeat, this enables us to identify if all components in the systems are working appropriately. All other data such as emergency and social calls can be monitored within our cloud applications, AppelloHQ.
  • Video door entry is a common option with Smart Living Solution, this can be discussed as part of your specification.
  • One Year.
  • We can do but not alarm devices as we need to ensure 100% availability for critical calls.
  • Digital systems are very reliable and mitigate the c10% first time call failure rate experienced with analogue systems due to the telecoms network upgrade. Appello have enabled over 13milllion digital calls, and have been installing digital systems for over 5 years.