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CareNet EVO


Award-winning telecare monitoring platform

CareNet EVO is the leading digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) call handling platform from Appello. Designed to support the evolution to digital services, CareNet EVO enables monitoring services providers to evolve their services to meet the changing needs of customers. Built on a foundation and infrastructure of market leading services including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Genesys, CareNet EVO offers TEC monitoring providers with undisputed stability, scalability and flexibility in service delivery.

Built for Digital

CareNet EVO has been built specifically for the delivery of digital services, with the backward capability to monitor legacy analogue equipment.

Designed by users

The User Interface has been designed with call operators and efficiency in mind, with navigation and access to information at the heart of the design.

Underpinned by excellence

CareNet EVO is built on a robust infrastructure delivered by Microsoft, Amazon and Genesys all recognised in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant.

Enhanced features to benefit staff


Trusted by monitoring providers across the UK. CareNet EVO has enabled the management of millions of digital TEC calls, more than any other call handling platform.

Supported by AppelloSBR

CareNet EVO is provided with the cloud-based application AppelloSBR which enables monitoring centres to allow their customers and staff to access and edit data in CareNet EVO remotely.

Future Proofed

Technology and innovation are changing rapidly, CareNet EVO is designed as a future proofed application, that can integrate with next generation technologies.


CareNet EVO enables in depth reporting and data analysis to manage the delivery of careline services and build exceptional customer management processes.


An exceptional team of organisations and providers ensures CareNet EVO is designed by dedicated professionals who ensure resilience in your monitoring service delivery.


By developing CareNet EVO inhouse, we have the ability to manage upgrades and scalability in house when necessary.

Security of personal data

Through using the most secure data provider, Microsoft Azure, CareNet EVO manages personal data to the highest standards.


As a cloud application, CareNet EVO is highly secure and provides remote access for operators working remotely.

Speech quality

The speech quality through CareNet EVO has been upgraded for even clearer communication between resident and operator.

Built on trusted digital foundations

CareNet EVO is built on the success of our original award-winning call handling platform, CareNet.
  • Recognised for unprecedented digital and cloud capabilities.
  • Enabled thousands of housing providers to become digitally connected.
  • Enables service providers to embrace remote working.

Enabling call operators to deliver excellence

As a careline operator having the right information at the right time is paramount to delivering excellence.
  • Designed and rigorously tested with input from a team of experienced operators.
  • Intuitive, clear and simple.
  • Easy to navigate user interface.
  • Supports the delivery of an exceptional careline service.

Continued innovation


Unlock the power of digital with Appello Cloud Services: management tools, valuable data insights and integration with other TEC services.

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Our analogue to digital protocol conversion tool, providing you with a safe way to manage your transition to digital telecare.
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Your online management tool for our Careline monitoring solutions, enabling seamless sharing of information to help you manage and improve your services.
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Open Environment

A call handling platform for the future

Technology Enabled Care is changing rapidly with new devices, innovations and services being developed to meet changing demands with the health, housing and social care sectors.

The CareNet EVO call handling platform is an open environment which enables monitoring service providers to embrace these technologies and deliver a wider breadth of services to your customers.

Discover our SmartTEC range

Our alternative digital Technology Enabled Care solution, at a simpler level. The answer for those who need to replace existing equipment. Straightforward to implement, helping you ensure the safety of vital services with the essentials of digital telecare.
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    After seeing Appello's digital solution we've made a commitment to only install digital care solutions in our new developments.

    Tony Tench CTO
    Housing and Care 21

    Appello’s offering is modern, well designed and fit for purpose, with one system alone giving us the ability to be responsive, preventative and promote digital inclusion. Whilst benefiting from the many advantages of digital solutions.

    Wendy Wells, Head of Policy and Business Implementation

    We wanted to move on from the old-fashioned ‘big red button’ and looked for a solution with better functionality, improved security and faster connection times.

    Any Dorrat, Team Leader
    Caledonia Housing