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Telecare for Local Authorities

As a collaborative partner, Appello deliver Technology Enabled Care (TEC) and telecare for local authorities across the UK. From the supply and installation of digital equipment to call monitoring services our customer includes Hampshire County Council, East Riding Council, The London Borough of Lewisham, Kent County Council, and many others. 


From delivering value to adding social value, we are experienced in delivering an effective supply chain which has considerations for the pressures faced by local authorities of all sizes. 


Effective telecare for local authorities can be instrumental in enabling your citizens to live safe, secure and independent lives that enhance their wellbeing. Furthermore, through better reporting and data insight telecare services can enable improvements in operations which deliver greater capacity and mean care can be delivered in the right place and the right time.

Senior couple living at home through local authorities management.

Digital Telecare

The process of planning and moving to digital telecare is likely to take some time to complete. Given that customers’ digital telephone line migrations have already commenced, the switchover has the potential to impact telecare for local authorities before a fully digital telecare service is put in place. 


The digital switchover telecare checklist produced by the local government association provides guidance on the processes that need to be considered to ensure a seamless transition to digital telecare for local authorities. 


As highlighted in our blog looking at how ready we are for the digital switch, the shift to digital telecare is imperative and all stakeholders are now recommending immediate action. 


The government’s policy paper, ‘Telecare stakeholder action plan: preparations for the analogue to digital switchover’, was published at the end of 2022. While perhaps somewhat behind the curve (particularly given Scottish Local Government published its National Briefing Document several years ago), it’s good to see digital telecare now firmly on the agenda throughout the UK. 


The plan highlights the time-critical nature of moving to digital telecare, providing an overview of the risks and opportunities of the digital switchover. 


It also sets out an action plan focused on the individuals who rely on telecare services. Key areas include encouraging co-ordination between telecare stakeholders, such as manufacturers and service providers, as well as an emphasis on good communication and best practice. 


Alongside this, independent testing by TSA, the TEC industry body, has confirmed the dangers of operating analogue telecare devices across the digital network. Initial test results showed “a significant proportion (of analogue devices) that either function intermittently – or not at all”. 


The data tallies with previous compatibility concerns and demonstrates the importance of a well-planned digital strategy to ensure telecare services are fit for purpose.

Telecare services for local authorities

Housing Schemes

Appello offers a range of hardwired digital telecare and warden call equipment for local authorises. These solutions are designed for the digital telecoms network, and provide secure, reliable alarm connectivity across the network, whilst options include enhancing wellbeing through the introduction of video communication and other capabilities.


We work with many local authorities and partners to provide emergency alarm equipment and telecare peripherals such as fall detectors, smoke alarms, flood detectors and many more to individuals in their own homes. Our digital dispersed alarm, SmartLife provides local authorities with opportunities to reduce costs and benefit from the multiple means of connectivity.


The Appello Careline service has been supporting local authorities for over 30 years with responding to calls in a time of need. From a medical emergency raised via a telecare alarm, or the reporting of a property issue during Out of Hours, our team of experienced operators are here to provide an extension of your service, meeting the expectations of your citizens.