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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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Through TECS we are enabling new models of care. Transforming the way people engage in and control their own health, empowering them to manage it in a way and environment that is right for them.

Our Solutions
Technology Enabled Care Solutions (TECS) can be delivered in various forms to meet the objectives of your organisation and patients, from integrating care and reducing hospital readmissions to empowering individuals to have greater control over their health.

We are experienced in providing 24/7 fully managed Technology Enable Care Services, our tailored solutions include;
  • Training
  • TECS / Assistive Technology assessments
  • Identification and provision of Telecare Equipment
  • Installation, maintenance of TEC equipment through to decommissioning.
  • TEC monitoring services
  • Developing and working with emergency and mobile response services
  • Tracking and realisation of financial and non-financial benefits

Our Approach

We combine our experience with your local knowledge and objectives to co-design tailored solutions. Working with you we create cultural change, embedding Technology Enabled Care into your organisations care pathways.

We support and promote innovation, working with a range of global partners to provide the best and most appropriate technology to meet your requirements.

We ensure all aspects of our TECS services are managed and coordinated effectively and to a high quality, creating a smooth end-to-end experience for the user.

The Technology

Working in partnership with you and our select group of technology providers we introduce devices that are remotely monitored and provide insight that can be proactively acted upon. From healthcare
technologies such as monitors, sensors, and communication devices, in the patient’s home to utilising digital devices to monitor patient’s health status and vital signs.
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Challenges we are overcoming

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Safety and reassurance
Introducing emergency assistance technology enables individuals to access the care they need in an emergency 24 hours a day.
Engage in the community
Helping people who are on their own access their friends family and community – reducing social isolation, loneliness, and increasing activity and social interaction, creating communities of support.
Frequent fallers
Providing equipment to detect if a fall has occurred can ensure individuals receive timely support and reduce the risks associated with falling.
Help for carers
We can support formal and informal carers by providing information about needs and changes on a day-to-day basis. In this way care can be adapted in response to new circumstances.
Assesment and rehabilitation
Introducing Technology Enabled Care enables professionals to identify the right levels of care and other technology required to support people at home.
For health and care commissioners
Introducing technology into a care-pathway is preventative and improves wellbeing. We can support you to work with care authorities to discover cost savings and identify new funding streams.
Coming home from hospital
We all need some extra support when returning home from hospital. This might be care, home adaptations or technology. Technology can highlight where the right support is needed and reduce the risks of returning to hospital.

Here's how we helped Bluebird Care

Every now and again we all need a little help, that’s why Bluebird Care has partnered with Appello. Together we are introducing a range of technology and services to encourage the delivery of new models of care. See How We Can Help
  • Our care solutions use technology to support care professionals in assessments, help people returning home from hospital, and support independence through a better understanding of their wellbeing needs.
  • The service supports care providers to enhance their proposition and differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Additionally these services introduce opportunities and increase capacity to help grow your customer base.
  • With Bluebird Care an activity monitoring solution was used. Utilising passive, discreet sensors detecting movement, temperature and light to provide data and insight to those delivering care. It helps to build up a picture of an individual’s activities of daily living and notifies care teams or families when activities are observed outside of the norm.
"I could show the times when no movement was detected, door was left open and sleep patterns. This became part of a safeguard assessment which led to the decision that 24 care was needed."
"We found that the customer opened the front door at 6pm every day until 7pm, she was often found wondering at the later evening visit. As this was a visible risk we changed our visit time to 6pm to distract and reduce the risk."