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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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Wherever you are, feel in control of your warden call system with AppelloHQ.

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Greater control and insight

AppelloHQ is the management application for all onsite Smart Living Solutions equipment. Access to AppelloHQ is provided as part of Smart Living Solutions and grants housing providers with control over equipment and insight into its usage. This enables greater customer service and create efficiencies in their role.

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Available remotely ensuring staff have the same insight and information whilst working away from the property.

I’m OK notifications

For resident visits / calls prioritisation.

Pendant and Device Management

See status of equipment, add new equipment, manage users, and identify faults.

Battery life alerts

Notifications on low batteries to ensure service continuation.  

Call records

Full information on the equipment usage, call times, locations and history. 


Downtime alerts

Notifications on downtimes to ensure issues are immediately recognised.  

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