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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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For three decades we have been leading the way with telecare monitoring services in the UK.

Our digital monitoring center provides 24 hour support to individuals with a variety of needs such as vulnerable people, older people, people with long-term conditions and people with complex needs.
We have been invested in developing a call handling platform that meets the changing market demands and needs of our customers. our digital monitoring platform, supports digital enabled telecare systems that offer greater speed, flexibility, scalability and resilience than traditional analogue systems.
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Your company is very well run, efficient and responsive. Your staff treat my wife with respect and kindness”

Our Monitoring Services
  • Emergency alarm and telecare monitoring Download Brochure
  • Out of hours building and facilities call managment
  • Call overflow and disaster recovery solutions Download Brochure
  • Access control monitoring
  • Lone worker solutions across multiple industries
"99% of our customers feel safer knowing they have access to an alarm in case of emergency"
"97% of our customers trust Appello to help them in an emergency"
"I am glad to know you are then when I might need you"
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Through our 30 years' experience of supplying some of the largest
housing providers, local authorities, healthcare providers and
commercial businesses in the UK, our careline team deliver a efficient,
professional and flexible service.

Our specialist careline teams are skilled in speaking with older demographics and managing stressful and emotive situations in a calm manner.

All stafff are trained to the highest level ensuring they are skilled in
balancing the needs of your customers with the requirement and
procedures of your organisation. Regular review and ongoing
training enable all our 180 staff to maintain these standards and stay
up-to-date on policies and processes.


We recognise that you will have your own way to manage situations, to ensure we meet your expectations we develop with you bespoke procedures for handling calls.

Our careline teams are experienced in managing calls to requirements of each client and our extensive training programmes enables us to delivery a tailored service.

Our call handling bespoke telecare platform enables us to ensure that careline operators will only receive calls when they are trained and approved.


Our investment in developing a class leading digital telecare monitoring platform highlights our commitment to meeting the changing market demands and needs of our customers.

CareNet, supports digital enabled telecare systems that offer greater speed, flexibility, scalability and resilience than traditional analogue systems, ensuring the highest standards of reliability.
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Reporting & Communication

We recognise the importance of supporting your customers. Therefore we put emphasis on building strong lines of communication with our customers, providing you with the information and knowledge required to ensure the comfort and wellbeing of your residents. Our digital platform allows for indepth levels of reporting. We work with our clients to ensure they meet their requirements in terms of information and frequency.


We work with the UK's leading authorities across telecare, health and fire safety to ensure our customers receive the best level of service.
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Heres how we helped East Northamptonshire Council

East Northamptonshire Council and Appello work in partnership to develop a valuable and enhanced customer service to approximately 40,000 households. See How We Can Help
  • ENC’s current service offers continuous support, 24 hours a day, should their customers need assistance with any type of emergency.
  • Prior to contract commencement, Appello worked closely with ENC to understand the wide range of calls that would be received, such as report of anti-social behaviour, domestic violence, flooding or noise disturbances.
  • Appello then tailored the internal operator training to meet the varying nature and scenarios the operators would be faced with. Ongoing reviews were established to frequently monitor the calls taken and ensure Appello provides the necessary level of quality required by the contract.
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"Our strong relationship with Appello has continued to grow due to the frequency and ease of communications. Appello have listened to the needs of the council and been supportive in providing a tailored service that meets the needs of our 85,000 residents."
“We continue to feel reassured that during out of hours, calls will be managed in a professional and appropriate manner.”