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Further growth to the Appello Group

Appello, the UK leader in digital Technology-Enabled Care Services (TECS), are delighted to announce the acquisition of Lifeline24 to strengthen the services we can offer our respective customers, and the career opportunities for our respective employees. Lifeline24 are a national provider of telecare alarms and monitoring services based in Norwich and the increased scale and geographical presence of the combined business will create further resilience for our customers and will allow us to continue to invest in developing the most innovative and user-friendly technology in the sector.


Appello already have the largest, the most advanced and the most proven digital Telecare monitoring platform in the industry, having handled more end-to-end digital calls than any other provider. Appello also have deployed more end-to-end digital TECS equipment than any other provider. In parallel, Lifeline24 have grown organically over the last 8 years through a strong focus on excellent customer experience and as a result they have become one of the largest and fastest-growing providers in the sector.


The increased scale of the new Appello Group will allow us to invest even more in developing services for our current and future customers. A further benefit is that as part of their determination to differentiate themselves and do the right thing, Lifeline24 are proud to be a carbon neutral business – this experience will help support Appello’s ambitions to continue to reduce our carbon footprint in the short-term and get to neutrality in the medium-term.


The culture of both businesses is very complimentary with both companies having care for customers at the core of our purpose. Furthermore, the combination of Appello’s leadership in digital and Lifeline24’s commitment to sustainability mean that we can invest further in products that help customers have a better living experience with less impact on the planet.


The businesses will integrate over the months ahead, with no change to the services we offer, other than the continued focus on bringing new digital life-enhancing propositions whenever possible. There will also be no change in the locations that we operate from – the new group will keep its core people locations in New Milton, Chippenham, Norwich, Dorchester, Bracknell and Preston, as well as the significant UK-wide non office-based employee base that we have built.


We will keep all our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders updated at suitable intervals and look forward with significant excitement to using the combined business to bring even greater benefit to our collective customers in the future.