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CareNet expands integrations

In another move to promote interoperability within Technology Enabled Care (TEC), Appello are pleased to announce that further manufacturers have undergone testing with our cloud hosted call handling platform, CareNet.


As the UK’s first digital platform, CareNet is compatible with industry recognised protocols, NOW-IP and SCAIP, as well as operating with legacy analogue protocols. As a result, Doro Care UK have taken the opportunity to successfully test and integrate their dispersed alarm, Doro Eliza with CareNet.


Mark Stratford, Appello’s Commercial Director commented: “We are really pleased to see more and more manufacturers coming to Appello to ensure their products work with CareNet. This is testament to the importance of this call handling platform.


Once again this showcases our open approach at Appello, interoperability is the future for TEC and will bring many benefits to our customers and service users.”


This step towards interoperability follows Appello launching, SmartLife, the markets first interoperable dispersed alarm. SmartLife, enables service providers to move to digital, and where appropriate continue to utilise their existing peripherals, such as pendants from other manufacturers.


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