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Part Two: Why Cloud Service are revolutionising Technology Enabled Care (TEC)?

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In my previous post, I talked about how cloud has provided far more flexibility in terms of how we access data, and how this can translate into a shift in the way housing providers operate. Here we look at how the cloud is making significant improvements to how suppliers and housing providers deliver Technology Enabled Care.


Cloud computing is already playing a vital role in making the TEC sector more resident focussed and enabling decisions based on insight and evidence. For decades the sector was operating with ‘dumb’ devices, whereby they provided very little information. Beyond raising an alarm, the capabilities were minimal, and no data was available behind the scenes.

Just like with your mobile phone, digital TEC is constantly providing information. When an alarm is raised there is data on everything from how quickly it was answered to how long it lasted. With a video call we know who is calling who, and even when not in use, devices are constantly providing heartbeat data to inform everyone that it is operating appropriately.

Cloud helps in storing this large amount of data, presenting it meaningfully and sharing the information amongst those who can utilise it to deliver better service.


No longer is the top concern with scalability, will there be enough physical space in the server room? Cloud scalability is not restricted by physical space therefore a whole new way of scaling your TEC services is unlocked. Scaling can be done both vertically and horizontally, and it’s the later that offers so much potential in our sector.

Horizontal scaling means that if one server can support 5 people working remotely, then 2 servers doubles our capacity. Within the cloud this capability can be quickly deployed and is invaluable. It is this capability that enabled Appello to so quickly respond to the impact of COVID-19. Overnight we were able to adjust our infrastructure capabilities to enable remote working, to meet changes in demand, ensuring enhanced business continuity and greater service to end users.

With delivery of TEC, scalability means that housing providers new services, and access to services can be quickly deployed across a business.

There are many other benefits of cloud (and I will discuss them soon) but in short, cloud is a capability we should all be moving towards to enable us to embrace an exciting new era of digital Technology Enabled Care.

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