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ateb Group: creating better living solutions for their customers by upgrading to Appello’s SmartConnect

Who are ateb?

ateb is a Housing Association who believe in creating better living solutions for the people of West Wales. In December 2021, ateb commenced on a procurement tender to upgrade their community alarms to digital. Therefore, it is apt that the meaning of ateb in Welsh is “to answer”.


What project have ateb selected Appello for?

ateb are upgrading the telecare and Technology Enabled Care equipment in 10 Independent Living Housing sites to digital services over the next few years in a phased approach. The aim of the project is to ensure that ateb customers, who are residents in their Independent Living Schemes, have the extra support they need to live in their own homes and have access to an emergency alarm solution that connects to the alarm monitoring centre via the upgraded digital telecoms network.


Why have ateb selected Appello?

We’ve talked about the importance of resident engagement before and as a customer-centric organisation, ateb started the process by consulting with their 10 Independent Living Housing sites before reaching out to the market.  They ensured customer needs were fully expressed during the procurement and the tender accurately reflected the requirements expressed during the consultations.


Keeping customers at the forefront of the procurement process, ateb customers were introduced to Appello’s SmartConnect device during the product demonstrations phase.  Amy Williams Independent Living Team Leader commented, “Our customers loved the Appello unit design, they felt it was modern, loved that it was black rather than white and easy to use. The presentation was professional and really appealed to our customers.”


We are proud to say that ateb chose Appello because we “came out top in every category” during their evaluation.  Specifically, they note that SmartConnect offers great value for money, is easy to migrate from the old system, is future proofed and allows them to contact customers through the system offsite. “This should allow better out of hours services and would also be a great feature should there be any future lock downs and our teams are required to work from home.” Reports Amy.


Our thoughts on the contract

We’re excited to work with a company such as ateb who’s customers and site staff spearhead their organisational strategies; these projects are so rewarding.  We’re also pleased that we’ve been able to reach more residents and will be providing a solution ahead of the digital switchover.


SmartConnect is one of our newer offerings in the Technology Enabled Care space.  Providing a cost-effective digital alarm solution for a fully end-to-end digital alarm call and we are pleased to onboard another customer who recognises that now is the time to make that switch to a fully digital system.


“We are delighted SmartConnect, one of our digital TECS solutions, has been selected by ateb to improve the safety and wellbeing of their residents, and the effectiveness of their housing teams. We have helped more housing providers go fully digital than any other TECS provider and that experience was a big reassurance for ateb, and their customers. We are pleased that our focus on usability and modern design was recognised by everyone involved in the decision-making and we look forward to bringing further benefits to ateb and their residents during our relationship. We look forward to starting installations at the first of these developments in Spring 2022.” Tim Barclay, CEO, Appello.

"SmartConnect offers great value for money, is easy to migrate from the old system, is future proofed."