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Appello reaffirms position as leading Technology Enabled Care provider, with launch of Appello Cloud Services.

Today, Appello has introduced several market-leading cloud applications to equip organisations with the tools needed to embrace a new era of innovation and digital Technology Enabled Care.

The Appello Cloud Services portfolio is launched with 6 applications, all of which are designed to offer service providers with far greater flexibility, accessibility and security – enabling the delivery of a better experience for service users.

Utilising cloud has been a prerequisite of taking full advantage of the move to digital, consequently Appello has been delivering cloud services since the launch of our market leading digital telecare suite, Smart Living Solutions (SLS) in 2016.

These existing services including AppelloHQ, the management application for SLS, are being brought together with new applications to form Appello Cloud Services.

These services offer a range of applications across the breadth of Technology Enabled Care, from AppelloSBR which provides data and insight, to Appello CareNet an award-winning digital call handling platform.

By utilising the cloud, these services offer huge benefits to customers who look for ways to ensure services are remotely accessible, scalable and able to grow as the Technology Enabled Care sector continues to see exciting innovations from across the world.

Tim, Barclay, CEO at Appello commented, “Like we have seen in other sectors, cloud is going to deliver huge possibilities for Technology Enabled Care – opportunities that will create far better experiences for service users and those delivering these services at the frontline.

“The Appello Cloud offers some truly exciting applications that will make monumental impacts to the lives of customers. By utilising the cloud, we can deliver these in a manner that customer expect and require in this digital era.”

Appello Cloud Services includes the following applications:

Appello CareNet – Technology Enabled Care (TEC) digital, cloud-based, call handling platform

Appello DigitalBridge – Analogue to Digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) protocol convertor

Appello HQ – Manage and access data on the status and usage of site equipment

Appello SBR – Access and manage information on service users

Appello iO – Integrate inputs from multiple wellbeing sources and output into usable, insightful wellbeing profile

Appello Nexus – Access and manage information on service users across a portfolio of properties

To learn more about these applications visit Appello Cloud Services

The Appello Cloud offers some truly exciting applications that will make monumental impacts to the lives of customers