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Appello launch SmartConnect to ensure everyone has a safe, digital connection.

Appello, the UK’s leading digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) provider, has introduced a digital emergency alarm, SmartConnect, to its SmartTEC portfolio of solutions.

Following the success of Smart Living Solutions, the UK’s market leading fully digital TEC suite, Appello has developed SmartConnect for scenarios where safety is sole focus in a grouped living environment.

SmartConnect ensures that everyone has the essentials of Technology Enabled Care (TEC) – a safe connection. The digital upgrade of the UK telecoms network is accelerating, with the 2025 completion date fast approaching. SmartConnect is the answer for those who need to replace existing equipment to preserve essential services.

With first-time call failure rates affecting approximately 10% of calls from analogue equipment SmartConnect provides local authority and social housing providers with the reassurance of compatibly with the UKs digital telecoms network. As a digital product other advantages include reduced connection speed to just 3 seconds and greater control and insight through cloud management platform, AppelloHQ.

As SmartConnect is focussed on emergency alarm services, it is capable of utilising existing traditional telecare caballing. This provides commissioners with significant efficiencies in the implementation, when looking to preserve services in a digital network.

On announcement of the launch, Tim Barclay, Appello CEO said: “We recognise that there are some housing providers who need to replicate their current living experience – for them SmartConnect is a fantastic solution. It provides the reassurance of proven digital connectivity, delivered by the market leading experts in digital TEC which has resulted from the many thousands of customers already living with our digital suite Smart Living Solutions.”

For those housing providers looking to meet the changing needs of their customers by delivering the real benefits of digital transformation, such as reduced social isolation, enhanced wellbeing, the ability to integrate services, improved employee productivity and increased property value Appello are proven to deliver this through our market leading Smart Living Solutions.

To discuss how SmartConnect meet your requirements please contact sales@appello.co.uk for further information or download the brochure here.