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Providing you with the essentials of digital Technology Enabled Care – a safe connection

Appello CEO, Tim Barclay, explains why we launched SmartConnect


SmartConnect - the answer for those who need to replace existing equipment with digital technology.

After the success of our Smart Living Solutions (SLS), the widest deployed Technology Enabled Care (TEC) solution in the UK, a digital emergency alarm was born, SmartConnect. Part of our SmartTEC range, SmartConnect is an SLS alternative to those beginning their digital transformation journey.


SmartConnect ensures the essential safety benefits of digital telecare are attainable to everyone.

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Cabling Capabilities

SmartConnect is designed to enable the use of existing traditional cabling and ethernet connectivity.

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Compatible with the UK’s digital telecoms network NOW-IP BS8521-2.

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Features and Benefits

Existing Infrastructure

Utilise existing multicore bus wiring where appropriate.

Speech Unit

Stylish and unobtrusive unit with illuminated buttons that fits with the appearance of other modern technologies in the home.


A uniquely designed jewellery pendant included with the speech unit.

Voice Calling

Reduce social isolation and enable greater communication within a development with calling from site staff to residents.

I’m OK

Allows residents to let staff know if they require a visit.

Simultaneous Calls

No call queues, multiple lines connecting to the monitoring centre (four max.).

Digital experience

Approx. 3sec connection time to the monitoring centre with crystal clear dual speech.

TLS encryption

Transport Layer Security (TLS) for the transporting of data over networks.

Broadcast Announcements

Broadcast communications to all SmartConnect speech units within a property at the same time.

Device Management Platform

Enhanced by the Cloud

As a digital platform, SmartConnect is supported by Appello Cloud Services. The device management platform is the management application for all onsite SmartConnect equipment.

  • Available remotely
  • Status management and battery life alerts of pendant and devices
  • I’m OK notifications
  • Full insight into equipment usage
  • Scheme information
  • Reporting

SLS Timeline


The Appello Cloud enhances SmartConnect, providing greater control, in-sight, and integration with your digital TEC services.

Wherever you are, feel in control of your Technology Enabled Care (TEC) equipment with AppelloHQ.
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Provides analogue to digital protocol conversion.
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Appello CareNet
Our award winning, digital Technology Enabled Care call handling platform used by our service and avaialble to other monitoring centres.
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Open Environment

SmartConnect Is Designed As An Open Protocol Platform

It enables our customers to benefit from market leading telecare devices provided by our global partners. We have an extensive range of integrated devices from smoke alarms and door sensors to pendant and occupancy mats.

SmartTEC Range

Smart Living Solutions
Smart Living Solutions (SLS) is the market leading digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) suite. Designed for the UK’s latest digital infrastructure, SLS integrates both safety and wellbeing technology into your customer’s home to improve wellbeing, happiness and enhance the role of those working in supported housing.
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SmartLife is our new digital dispersed alarm with ground-breaking interoperability for a new era of Technology Enabled Care (TEC).
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Smart Alert
A digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) suite creating a safe, life-enhancing environment.
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    Smart Living Solutions – Animated Video

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    The new digital solution meets heightening customer demand for modern independent living and promotes digital inclusion. Appello’s offering is modern, well designed and fit for purpose, with one system alone giving us the ability to be responsive, preventative and promote digital inclusion.

    Wendy Wells
    Head of Policy and Business Implementation at Guinness Care

    The use of digital tools whether directly or indirectly has proven of almost fundamental importance for communication and access to services in the current climate and the Appello SLS warden call system has had many benefits.

    Denise Williams
    Head of Support, Blackpool Coastal Housing

    After seeing Appello's digital solution we've made a commitment to only install digital care solutions in our new developments.

    Tony Tench CTO
    Housing and Care 21