Managing the Transition to Digital Telecare: How to engage your customers



Why you must read...

Are you planning a move to digital telecare? Your customers/residents have a crucial role to play in the successful rollout of new systems within your organisation.

In this guide, we look at how you can engage your customers with digital technology, covering:

  • Why you need to engage your customers with digital telecare
  • When should you start engaging your customers?
  • Overcoming barriers to engagement
    What’s in it for them? The benefits of going digital for your customers
  • Planning a customer engagement programme

Appello are market leaders in digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC). We have taken more digital Telecare calls, and deployed more fully digital Telecare devices, for our housing, health and care customers than any other TEC provider.

Over 30 years we have grown into the UK’s largest analogue and digital monitoring centre and created a range of SmartTEC products to enrich the lives of individuals.

One of our innovative digital products is our Smart Living Solutions suite, which is designed for the UK’s digital infrastructure and is already deployed in c.520 developments, and 25,000 individual homes, enhancing the safety and wellbeing in those customers.