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The most advanced
digital dispersed alarm.

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SmartAlert works in
a few simple steps.
An individual needs to raise an alarm in an emergency. An alert can be raised through the main centrally located SmartAlert hub. If in the bathroom, bedroom or even shed, an alert
can be raised via the portable SmartAlert Freedom or pendant.
Both the SmartAlert and SmartAlert Freedom can be activated with your voice. The monitoring centre can then talk to the individual
via both the SmartAlert and Smart Alert Freedom.

Freedom Pendant
Monitoring Centre

Optional devices

Asset 30 Smoke alarm
Smoke detector adds an extra layer of safety in the place that matters the most–your home.
Asset 24 Door/window sensor
The door/window sensor can be used to know whether the resident left or entered the property, is indoors, and can be used in various locations and applications.
Asset 25 Motion detector
The motion detector identifies what rooms are used at what times of the day, and can determine if there are changes in habits that might indicate a health issue. In addition, it can identify entrance to the premises, and to alert for extreme temperatures.
Asset 26 Camera detector
The camera can be used for visual confirmation if there is a suspicion of a fall.
Asset 27 Flood detector
Safety device for early warning of a tap left on and water leakage.
Asset 28 Emergency button
A fixed emergency button can be installed near the bed or wherever needed so that the resident can quickly and comfortably signal any issues.
Asset 29 SmartAlert pendant
The pendant with optional built-in fall detection can be worn around the neck or as a wrist strap and used to trigger emergency alerts from any place around the house.
SmartAlert Freedom
The portable SmartAlert Freedom can be taken anywhere in the home, creating extended communication.
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digital alarm

SmartAlert is the most advanced digital dispersed alarm available in the UK. Through the ability to operate on multiple protocols including digital and GSM, SmartAlert offers commissioners a future-proofed solution. Whether you have already commenced on a digital journey, or still planning, SmartAlert will meet your technical requirements now and in the future. Developed to overcome long standing challenges, SmartAlert provides exceptional mobility and coverage within the home, significantly reducing no-response calls, where service users are unable to communicate with the telecare device located in another room.
Hello Mrs Davis, are you feeling OK? Mrs Davis? ...

If there is no response via the SmartAlert hub, operators can switch to the portable SmartAlert Freedom located around the home.

Mrs Davis, are you in the bedroom? Yes, I've had a fall


The unique wireless, smart emergency response device with Intelligent Voice Activation™ technology. The portable SmartAlert Freedom can be taken anywhere in the home, creating extended communication. The Freedom allows two-way communication in areas of the home that were previously difficult to reach. For care providers this significantly reduces no-response calls where the customer could not communicate with the equipment located centrally in the home.

Activate an alarm with Intelligent Voice ActivationTM (IVA) - further reassurance and safety for users.

Emergency, emergency... Mrs Davis, are you OK?

Voice Activation

Both SmartAlert and SmartAlert Freedom have built-in Intelligent Voice Activation™ (IVA). Repeat the pre-set phrase and the nearest hub, will raise an emergency alarm. This provides reassurance if a pendant has been taken off, such as in the bathroom and the activation buttons are out of reach.
The most advanced
digital dispersed alarm
for living at home Enquire now
SmartAlert Freedom
and Intelligent Voice
Activation provide
coverage and safety Enquire now
  • Pendant

  • Peripheral Devices


Can operate on a range of alarm protocols including SCAIP, NOWIP and GSM.

Easy communication

Two-way speech via the SmartAlert Freedom anywhere in the home or garden.

Greater coverage

Activate pendants and alarms in an extended range, up to 700m depending on building.

Telecare compatible

A diverse range of telecare peripherals is available to meet individual needs.

Fall detection

Emergency pendant with the most advanced built-in fall detection.


Waterproof for use in the bathroom and shower.