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"After seeing Appello's digital solution we've made a commitment to only install digital care solutions in our new developments."

Tony Tench CTO, Housing and Care 21
Smart Living Solutions are our suite of digital assisted living services that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes - replacing analogue telecare with services that will empower people to lead independent, engaged lives for longer.

These solutions create a digital environment that enables audio and video communication, along with valuable data insights, to flow between properties, individual’s homes, site support staff, and your Monitoring Centre.

This means businesses can make better decisions, employees can be more effective and most importantly, residents can have better living experiences.


Smart Living Solutions protect residents and organisations from the increasing risks presented by the digital update to the UK telecoms infrastructure. As our assisted living solutions are digital from end to end, organisations minimise the safety and reputation risks that could results from telecare call failures.
  • call connection speed has been reduced to just three seconds
  • simultaneous calls can be placed across a development
  • two way speech delivers an improved resident experience
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Bluetooth Compatibility

The LivingHub can connect with a range of Bluetooth products, including a range of speakers. Bluetooth speakers can be used to extend the two-way voice functionality throughout the home, enabling easier communication between users, staff and emergency operators.

  • Two-way audio capability for communications with the monitoring station
  • Multi language vocal reminders
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WIFI Hotspot

The LivingHub can provide a Wifi hotspot within an apartment, providing users with access to the internet via their own devices, much like in a high-street cafe. This can help to create a connected environment, and provide users with access to services delivered online by housing and care providers.

  • Compatible with the new Living Hub model, IT82A
  • Once enabled, using your own tablet or phone, you can connect and surf the internet
  • Secure internet connection throughout your home.
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Smart Alert

SmartAlert is the most advanced digital dispersed alarm available in the UK. Through the ability to operate on multiple protocols including digital and GSM, SmartAlert offers commissioners a future-proofed solution. Whether you have already commenced on a digital journey, or still planning, SmartAlert will meet your technical requirements now and in the future.

  • Intelligent Voice Activation (IVA) is an always active technology that recognizes present vocal commands and triggers specified actions.
  • Fits any home environment with personal monitoring
  • Two-way audio capability for communications with the monitoring station
  • Multi language vocal reminders
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Residents are proven to appreciate the greater reassurance delivered through the integrated video door entry system and intruder sensors all of which are accessible through their LivingHub.
89% of residents feel safer being able to see who is entering the property.
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Improved Wellbeing

We bring people together through the use of assisted living technology, reducing social isolation and delivering a community environment. Integrated video on the LivingHub enables face to face calling between apartments, communal areas and site staff.

The ‘I’m OK’ function and video calling supports greater independence. Residents can have flexibility over their level of care, whilst those responsible for care delivery are able to prioritise and visually check a resident without the need for a physical visit.
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Smart Living

Through the integration of smart home and IOT technology, Smart Living Solutions, enables housing
providers to create smarter living environments in a format which can be personalised for any
lifestyle needs.

From turning lights on from the comfort of bed, and opening blinds when walking into a room to
providing an accessible gateway for residents to manage Universal Credit. There are so many ways
Smart Living Solutions can make life better for both residents and organisations.

Insightful Data

Smart Living Solutions provides housing providers with far greater control and insight on their residents assisted living technology than ever before.

AppelloHQ is a real-time platform for the management of the on-site equipment, making it easy to set-up or change equipment, and providing insights into usage.

Through these data insights, organisations are able to identify proactive interventions that will make a positive difference to their residents and properties.


The AppelloApp is part of our Smart Living Solutions suite. The app works in conjunction with the wall mounted, LivingHub, to provide a mobile assisted living alarm, door entry system, video communications, and medication reminder hub for residents.

From the comfort of the armchair, residents can call friends, raise an emergency alarm and even see who is at the front door.

Housing & Care 21 partners with Appello to deliver a digital transformation of care and security.

Housing & Care 21 wanted to ensure that all residents not only benefited from the highest standards in telecare systems in their homes, but also that they were modern, easy to use, and most importantly, reliable. See How We Can Help
  • Housing & Care 21’s journey to digital began in 2016, when the issue of the digital switchover was highlighted by Appello. Beyond improving functionality associated with traditional monitoring, it was the potential of digital and what it would mean for the future delivery of care that Housing & Care 21 found really compelling,
  • The first digital installation was completed in 2016 at Housing & Care’s Walton Court development in Durham. Following this success, the company committed to an extensive programme of digital upgrades to all of its 430 developments over the next few years.
  • Housing & Care 21 is investing around £2 million per year to digital transformation.
  • Appello and Housing & Care 21 is also able to continuously innovate, making improvements based on resident and staff feedback and ensuring that the latest technologies are embraced.
“When we began to look at what was on the market we found that, while there were a few suppliers offering modern end user devices, there was a lack of providers delivering a complete digital package”
"Over the course of our long term installation project, Appello has been able to accommodate pulling sites forward or moving sites back depending on our operational or commercial considerations at the time."

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