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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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Proven To Transform The Delivery Of Supported Housing And Enhance The Wellbeing Of Services Users

The most innovative and widely deployed digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) solution in the UK


Smart Living Solutions (SLS) is the market leading digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) suite.

Designed for the UK’s digital telecoms infrastructure, SLS is proven to enhance safety and wellbeing in your customers home, whilst enhancing the role of those working in supported housing.


Smart Living Solutions utilises industry approved digital protocol NOW-IP, improving individual’s safety and wellbeing.

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We bring people together through the use of assisted living technology, reducing social isolation and delivering a community environment.

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Flexible connectivity and integration which enables you to expand your services.

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Features and Benefits

The LivingHub

With optional, customisable and branded user interface provides residents with access to all the services and functionalities available.


A uniquely designed jewellery pendant included with the LivingHub.

Video Communication

Reduce social isolation and enable greater communication within a development.

I’m OK

Allows residents to let staff know if they require a visit.

Inactivity Monitoring (Optional)

The ‘I’m OK’ feature is paired with PIR sensors to detect if movement is sensed within the property.

Bluetooth Compatibility (Optional)

The LivingHub can connect to a range of Bluetooth speakers providing two-way audio anywhere in the home.

WiFi Hotspot (Optional)

The LivingHub can provide as a WiFi hotspot enabling residents to connect to the internet from their own devices.

The AppelloApp

Provides the core features from the LivingHub on a residents IOS or Android mobile device.

Smart Living

Can be integrated with smart home and IOT devices to create smarter living environments for personalised need. From turning out the lights from the comfort of bed, and opening blinds when walking into a room.


Enhanced by the Cloud: AppelloHQ

As a digital platform, SLS is supported by Appello Cloud Services. AppelloHQ is the management application for all onsite SLS equipment.

  • Finalist in the Cloud Excellence awards for its ability to provide remote access to services
  • Status management and battery life alerts of pendant and devices
  • I’m OK notifications
  • Full insight into equipment usage
  • Scheme information
  • Reporting

Continued innovation


The Appello Cloud enhances Smart Living Solutions, providing greater control, insight, and integration with your digital TEC services.

Your management application for SLS.
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Provides analogue to digital protocol conversion.
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Greater control and access to information with customer insights.
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Open Environment

Smart Living Solutions Is Designed As An Open Protocol Platform

It enables our customers to benefit from market leading telecare devices provided by our global partners. We have an extensive range of integrated devices from smoke alarms and door sensors to pendants and occupancy mats.

SmartTEC Range

SmartConnect is our second fully digital Technology Enabled Care solution, but at a simpler level. SmartConnect contains the same principles as our SLS suite, without the touchscreen video communication.
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SmartLife is our new digital dispersed alarm with ground-breaking interoperability for a new era of Technology Enabled Care (TEC).
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A digital Technology Enabled Care (TEC) suite creating a safe, life-enhancing environment.
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After seeing Appello's digital solution we've made a commitment to only install digital care solutions in our new developments.

Tony Tench CTO
Housing and Care 21

Appello’s offering is modern, well designed and fit for purpose, with one system alone giving us the ability to be responsive, preventative and promote digital inclusion. Whilst benefiting from the many advantages of digital solutions.

Wendy Wells, Head of Policy and Business Implementation

We wanted to move on from the old-fashioned ‘big red button’ and looked for a solution with better functionality, improved security and faster connection times.

Any Dorrat, Team Leader
Caledonia Housing