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Our response to Coronavirus: Updated Friday 20th March

Our response to Coronavirus: Updated Friday 20th March

At Appello, we are continuing to actively monitor the rapidly evolving Coronavirus situation.

The delivery of our services is essential, this is understood now more than ever. As social distancing becomes more prevalent, we recognise that more of our vulnerable customers will rely on the services we provide.

We want to ensure our customers that during these challenging times we will strive to deliver the level of service you would expect, and we are also committed to ensuring the wellbeing of customers, residents and our employees. We have already made a series of adjustments to our business to ensure that we are prepared. We are keeping our ways of working under review. We will keep you informed.

Finding out more information

Working together and communicating will be instrumental moving forward. To support this, we are creating a dedicated web page that will be available early next week. This will include:

– FAQ section for all our customers

-Steps we are taking to protect our employees, customers and business

-Changes to procedures

-Guidance on supporting residents

Additionally, please follow our LinkedIn page for the latest information.

Please look after yourself in your homes and at work and know that we will continue to support our customers wherever possible.