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‘Openreach is continuing to upgrade the UK’ to digital

The move towards a digital telecoms network in the UK is continuing at pace as we move closer to the 2025 completion date. Openreach who provide services to over 600 communication providers across the UK have this week reiterated this work is still progressing positively.


John Livermore, ALL IP Industry Engagement Manager at Openreach issued a press release on 29th March 2022 confirming the status……


You may have seen the recent announcement by BT Consumer. This may have caused some confusion, as often people identify BT Group, BT Consumer and Openreach as the same entity, which isn’t the case.


For clarity, Openreach is continuing to upgrade the UK with Full Fibre broadband, building our new ultrafast, ultra-reliable network to 25m homes and businesses by Dec 2026. Our work includes the controlled phasing out of analogue services in areas where Full Fibre becomes available and we’re continuing to work towards the 2025 deadline, when BT Group and the wider industry plans to switch off the PSTN.


We welcome BT’s commitment to continuing the trials in Salisbury and Mildenhall, where we’re working closely with them and other providers to iron out issues and make sure customers can be migrated smoothly and efficiently.


The BT Consumer announcement does not include the other 600 and more Communications Providers operating in the UK, who will have their own plans for migration of their customers to All IP from PSTN by the end of 2025.”


More information is available from the Openreach website https://www.openreach.com/upgrading-the-UK-to-digital-phone-lines

Alternatively, if you would like further information on the move to digital Telecare and Emergency Call System’s (sometimes known as Warden Call services) then Appello are exceptionally well placed to help.


We have migrated more end-customers to fully digital Telecare than any other UK provider and have the nations widest range of fully digital Telecare products. Please contact our team on 0333 321 6470 and we’ll be delighted to share case studies on how digital transformation has uplifted the safety and wellbeing of tens of thousands of end-customers.