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Supporting you to deliver excellence within you monitoring centre

Operating an emergency call handling monitoring centre isn’t without its challenges. Maintaining appropriate staff levels 24/7, whilst meeting sudden changes in call volumes due to unforeseeable incidents is difficult to manage. Simply, it can be difficult to ensure you have the right people, in the right seat, at the right time.

If this challenge is not met, then the impact can have serious impact on the outcomes of calls and overall service standards. Additionally, running a 24/7 monitoring centre requires significant expenditure, ensuring competent and fully trained operators are continuously available to answer calls is costly. If that resources is not being utilised to its full capacity then there are significant impacts on efficiency - economies of scale are critical in the operation of a monitoring centre.  

In a monitoring centre being prepared for the unexpected is critical, the service offered is often lifesaving. Whether it is a regional power outage, or a national pandemic, monitoring centres need to have the reassurance that they can act reliably, quickly and have robust processes in place.  

As the UK’s largest monitoring provider, operating a load balanced platform, 24/7 from three geographically dispersed monitoring centres, we can support you in delivering your monitoring service. We manage in excess of 5 million calls annually, so we have the economies of scale and resources to support you in your service delivery.

Case Study

Maintaining Excellence During Coronavirus

Watch Tim Barclay, CEO and Gill Atkey, Monitoring Services Director discuss how Appello successfully implemented changes to our processes to meet the challenge of Coronavirus, and continue to deliver for our customers when they needed us most.

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Call Overflow Services:

Overflow occurs when unanswered calls are moved from one target to another. This usually happens because the original target is nearing, or has reached, its call handling capacity and can be based on a maximum threshold for queue time.

Appello can manage your overflow traffic, providing a seamless service, whereby your customers will not realise the call is not answered by your team.
This can support you in maintaining standards, enable you to react more appropriately to changes in call volumes.

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Out of Hours Call Handling:

We recognise that each monitoring centre is different, from the types of calls to the size of the organisation. Every organisation has different strains from financial to resource, we can work with you to ensure you maintain services to your customers.

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Service Protection (Disaster Recovery)

Service Protection is an insurance on your critical telecare and call handling service. It provides you with reassurance that you will continue to be there for your customers when there is a major incident impacting your ability to maintain normal service.

From system outages to national pandemics, you never know what is around the corner, but you need to know you have a reliable solution. You need to be confident that an organisation, with robust procedures and ability to quickly scale is your invisible line of defence. Our Service Protection offering is designed to protect your critical services, ensuring expert assistance until your services are resumed.

As the UK’s largest monitoring provider, we have three geographically dispersed monitoring centres, all with capacity for expansion. In addition, our award-winning telecare platform CareNet enables unprecedented working from home capabilities meaning we can quickly react to additional call volumes and manage the impact of even the largest scale, national incidents.

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Tailored Solutions

Running a monitoring centre during twilight hours is costly and can be inefficient. It can be a strain on resources and mean the introduction of unappealing shift patterns. There are concerns of adhering to lone workers guidelines and maintaining appropriate management availability.

Weekend and weekday evening calls can be automatically redirected to our call operators, who will respond to resident emergency, repairs and other issues. The service will be a continuation of your service and answered within your guidelines. There will be no change to customer experience.
This will enable you to remain focussed on the core business and delivering excellence to customers during daylight hours.

Additionally, we can work with customers who see seasonal demand increase due to weather conditions or other factors.

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