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Meeting expectations with Digital Care

Free whitepaper: Why housing providers are planning for a digital future

What you learn from this whitepaper

Digital technology promises to revolutionise telecare and warden call in the supported housing sector. But how ready is the sector?

This is the second in a series of reports exploring digital telecare transformation in the supported housing sector, following on from our previous report, Fast Forward to Digital Care, published in 2016.

This report is for decision makers in housing associations and providers of supported housing, policy makers, local authorities, charities, house builders, and anyone involved in the provision of services for independent living for our ageing population.

What you get from this whitepaper

* The impact of the 2025 analogue telephony switch-off and its effect on telecare and warden call services

* The changing expectations of housing providers and the new outcomes they plan to deliver through digital

* Discover how an increase in awareness is translating into action for many housing providers

* See how the barriers to digital have changed for many housing providers since 2016

* Recommendations for starting a digital journey

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