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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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Transforming lives through Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS)

Empowering people to lead independent and fulfilled lives through a blend of people and technology.​​

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We partner with housing, health and care providers to enrich the lives of customers, patients and residents. ​

We blend specialist people in the UK’s largest Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) monitoring centre, with future-led digital technology.

Smart Living Solutions:For Development Living

Smart Living Solutions are our suite of digital assisted living services that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes.

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SmartAlert:For Community Living

SmartAlert is the most advanced digital dispersed alarm, providing unparalleled coverage throughout the home and voice activation.

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Digital Telecare Monitoring

For three decades we have been leading the way with technology enabled care monitoring services in the UK.

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Technology Enabled Care

Through TECS we are enabling new models of care. Transforming the way people engage in and control their wellbeing.

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A Unique Blend Of Technology And People

We help keep people safe, secure, well and living ‘smart’ within their communities, with the reassurance they are connected to our experts who have insight into their wellbeing.

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Introducing Smart Living Solutions

Smart Living Solutions are our suite of digital services that integrate both safety and wellbeing technologies into your customer’s homes – replacing analogue telecare with services that will empower people to lead independent, engaged lives for longer.
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The People

Our digital Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) monitoring centre provides 24 hour support to individuals with a variety of needs

The Insight

Through insight we support organisations to make better decisions, employees to be more effective and service users to have better experiences

The Technology

We blend our Smart Living Solution with best in breed technology to transform the lives of customers, patients and residents.


We support over 200,000 individuals in the UK across our services

30 years

Over 30 years experience in the life safety and technology enabled care service provision.

Pioneering Digital

The first and largest provider of digital telecare services in the UK

Supporting over 200,000 individuals

Here's what they have to say

“When we saw the possibilities of a fully digital solution, we knew that we needed to make a commitment to only install digital solutions in our properties from now. With digital, the connection time to a two-way conversation is almost instantaneous, giving significant safety and experience benefits to residents.”

Mark Short
Regional Property Manager, Spire Homes

“As an organisation we want to move away from outdated analogue systems and embrace the many benefits digital offers, and after seeing Appello’s digital solution we’ve made a commitment to only install digital care solutions in our new developments.”

Robin Macintosh
Head of Community Services – South at Guinness Care

“Over the course of our long term installation program, Appello has been able to accommodate pulling sites forward or moving sites back depending on our operational or commercial considerations at the time. This ability to be flexible has allowed us to keep on track with our program and accommodate our changing priorities”

Programme Lead
Housing and Care 21

“I will now video call each resident in the morning from the communal lounge to see if they are coming down for a cup of tea.”

Debbie Kershaw
Housing Manager

“I really feel safe knowing I can see who is at the door on screen.”

Mary Nichols

“It’s very handy to be able to connect with any flat without having to actually walk – especially at night or when not feeling well.”

Carol Terry

“I would market a property with Smart Living Solutions at a premium to analogue systems due to the significantly improved safety and aesthetics”

Managing Director
Leading retirement property agency

Trusted by many

Delivering Technology Enabled Care Solutions to housing, health and care providers