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We provide emergency alarms and assisted living services to individuals across the UK.

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If we are unable to make contact with you via the LivingHub, we will try to contact your Site Manager first. If there is still not a response, we will treat it as an emergency and make contact with the emergency services and your next of kin.

In normal circumstances No, we will not activate your alarm or call your LivingHub. However, in an emergancy where we can not reach you via your telephone, we will start a call via the

No, the LivingHub will not affect your pacemaker

Yes it can, we would need to be aware that the user has a hearing impairment upon activation of the service.

Yes. From the LivingHub home screen press the settings ‘cog’ buton. In the settings
menu select the ‘Call Feature’ button. In the following screen select the box to the right
of the ‘Camera Enabled’ option, tick will appear. Save the settings by selecting the tick in
the top right of the screen.

Yes. From the LivingHub home screen press the settings ‘cog’ buton. In the settings
menu select the ‘Settings’ button. Enter the passcode “123456”, click confirm, and then
“Select Sound”. In the following screen move the slider next to the ‘Tone volume’ option,
maximum is 15. Save the settings by selecting the tick in the top right of the screen.

Yes. From the LivingHub home screen press the settings ‘cog’ buton. In the settings
menu select the ‘Settings’ button. Enter the passcode “123456”, click confirm, and then
“Select Sound”.. In the following screen highlight the new required tone next to the ‘Ring
Tone’ option. Save the settings by selecting the tick in the top right of the screen.

If the resident has managed to change the language on the LivingHub to Chinese, this
is due to holding down the ‘Envelope’ key. To change this back you will need to press the
same ‘envelope’ button. Then on the next screen there will be 2 icons in chinese, push
the right hand one. Everything will be displayed in English again.

We recommend using the screen clean setting on the living hub. This is accessed by pressing
the setting cog on the main user interface, press settings again then enter 123456 followed
by Ok, select display and the screen clean followed by ok. This gives approx. 30 secs for the
screen to be cleaned before timing out. You can leave the screen alone for 60 secs for it to
return to the screen saver after the cleaning cycle. We recommend using a lint free cloth for
screen cleaning.


Your pendant should activate your alarm between 35-50m from the LivingHub. You should
test your pendant at the furthest point from your house and in each room of your house
to ensure you know the coverage. As the pendant uses radio, it may not work through
some walls of your building. Please rest assured that our pendant devices comply with
the British / European Standards

The new pendant that we offer as standard is waterproof to standard IP67, which means
it has been tested to work for 30 minutes at a depth of 15cm to 1m. Older pendants or
those made by different manufacturers, which can also be purchased from us, may not
offer such a high level of water resistance. Always refer to the manufacturer instructions
or contact our Sales department if you are not sure.

This will depend on the pendant model. Some models and those made by different
manufacturers may be sealed units. Always refer to the manufacturers instructions or
contact our support services team if you are not sure.

The structure of a home can reduce the effectiveness of the alarms radio transmission.
Often a radio repeater (available from Appello) will help alleviate the problem.

Your pendant range outside of your property will vary depending on the size of your
property and the location of your alarm equipment. Once installed we recommend that
you test it thoroughly, to identify the areas in which your alarm will work.

No all audio is sent and received through the highly sensitive speaker and microphone on
the LivingHub.


We have a team of operators ready to take your call every minute of every day. So no
matter if you need us in the middle of the night, or on Christmas Day, we are here to help.
We operate 365 days a year 24 hours a day.

Don’t worry if you accidentally press the alarm button. Our team never worry about
receiving a false alarm. The operator will just confirm that you are ok and take the
opportunity to ensure the system is working properly. If your alarm is accidentally
activated please ensure you hang on and speak to the operator. If you don’t, we must
treat the call as an emergency.

Yes, calls to our monitoring centre are recorded for quality and training purposes. Appello
stores these telephone conversation records securely in line with the Data Protection

Upon obtaining our monitoring services, we ask you to complete a customer record
form. This asks you to provide us with, where applicable, a medical record including details
of health conditions, medication and your GP. In an emergency where appropriate this
information will be provided to the emergency services to ensure you receive the most
suitable response. Please rest assured that we comply with all GDPR regulations.

We will only provide the emergency services with your keysafe code if we have called them
following an emergency alarm activation. We will not provide details of your Keysafe to
anyone else including family and friends, as we are unable to confirm their identify over
the phone

General Questions

The SLS system has a UPS (uninteruptible power supply) which has in built back up
batteries. These batteries will supply backup power to the system for a period of 6-8 hours
in the event of a mains failure, the Appello monitoring team and technical team will also be
notified of this failure (equipment dependant).

The living hub is Powered by POE (power over Ethernet) via cat 5 network cabling from the
Smart living solutions central control equipment located in the development. This central
control unit is powered by mains electricity and has a broadband connection.

The Livinghub itself does not have a battery back up, this is to prolong life of the tablet. The
SLS system as a whole has a battery back up will last approx. 6-8 hours in the event of a power
failure, this central backup system will keep all system elements working for this period.

The Smart Living system has been developed with the utmost resilience and security in mind, it is
protected by a resilient firewall, any third party device trying to access the systems external
firewall requires complex authentication methods (SSL and web token exchange) to allow
successful penetration. Media traffic is also encrypted.

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