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Enabling housing providers to mitigate the risks of alarm call failures and take the first steps to digital Technology Enabled Care.

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1 in 10 emergency calls from analogue telecare equipment are impacted by the digital upgrade of the UK’s telecoms network.

For those not in a position to realise the benefits of a complete digital transition, or those partially through a programme, Appello DigitalBridge is the answer to mitigating the safety and reputational risks of call failures.

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Appello DigitalBridge is an intelligent conversion application within the Appello Cloud. 

It simply takes the analogue communication sent by the onsite equipment, converts it into a British Standards approved digital protocol and diverts it back to the digital monitoring centre in a language they completely understand –  nearly eradicating first-time call failures and improving their user experience through a much better audio communication.


Bridge the Gap

Appello DigitalBridge is the solution to bridge the gap before a full-scale upgrade to digital TEC equipment.

Nearly eradicates call failures

Mitigates the safety
and reputational risks of call failures.

Multi protocol

Convert a range of different analogue protocols into several different digital protocols.

No installation

No requirement for the installation of any
equipment on site.


Not forever

It doesn’t overcome all the issues of analogue telecare systems including slow call connection times and call queues.

No additions

No value-added
functionality like video-door entry or video calling.

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