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Remote access to our monitoring platform CareNet for managing service user details and reporting.

CareNet Connect, remote access to Appello's monitoring platform CareNet for managing service user details and reporting.

CareNet Connect provides customers with remote access to Appello’s monitoring platform CareNet.

Via CareNet Connect customers are provided with access to their monitored residents personal records enabling updates to be changed remotely and immediately.

Additionally new monitored service users can be added to the platform meaning they can experience the benefits of a monitored service without delay.

Features & Benefits

Service User Information. CareNet Connect reduces the administration of managing service user information providing a convenient platform that can be accessed anywhere with online access.

Greater Knowledge. CareNet Connect provides site staff with greater insight into the usage of the onsite telecare, warden call and door entry equipment.

Reporting. With access to call data including response times, call types and equipment usage reporting on site equipment operations is efficient, and accessible 24 hours a day from any location with online access.

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Gain resident insight through CareNet Connect

Remotely manage service user details, create customisable reports and gain resident insight through CareNet Connect. Furthermore where staff manage multiple sites, all site information can be accessed via one account, supporting with remote working. See How We Can Help
  • Customer Response Times: Time taken to answer calls presented to the Appello platform
  • Calls By Reason: Breakdown of calls to Appello as classified by the operator
  • Call Summary: List of calls for the scheme or schemes with basic information
  • Call Details: List of calls for the scheme or schemes with detailed information
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