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Why we launched our new guide, Go Further with Cloud

Go Further with Cloud report

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In late 2020 we wrote a blog post, ‘What exactly is cloud?’, this was following the launch of Appello Cloud Solutions, our suite of services to enhance Technology Enabled Care (TEC).


Having launched 6 cloud services, writing a blog describing the basics of what cloud is should have been easy – it wasn’t.


It highlighted that although we all interact with cloud services every day, from mobile banking to video calling, many of us have a very limited understanding of this technology.


Our CTO, Carl Atkey, recently described the Appello Cloud as a ‘mystical place’, which is very appropriate given its ability to transform TEC services. However, to really benefit from cloud it needs to be less of a mystery!


Therefore, we have launched ‘Go Further with Cloud’.


Throughout 2020, we have heard from experts including our industry body the TSA, that monitoring services should be exploring cloud further as for some monitoring providers it has played a significant role in maintaining services during COVID-19. We have also repeatedly heard how integration between devices and even between housing, health and social care needs to become more prevalent. For this to happen effectively greater usage of cloud technology is required.


Yet, for us to embrace this technology we need to do so from a position of knowledge. Those in the Technology Enabled Care sector need to understand how it can really enable their TEC digital transformation.


Go Further with Cloud is designed to act as an introduction to cloud in TEC and provide you with the confidence to ask the right questions when exploring how it can benefit your organisations.


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