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Why recognition for our cloud capabilities is so important in 2021!

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Flexibility and accessibility of data and services has never been more important than in the last 18 months. We have seen landmark shifts in how organisations operate, and most of us have experienced opportunities for working in different ways. As a degree of normality comes back to our lives with restriction easing, the expectation is that how we operate, long-term, will never be the same. For instance, within specialist housing, latest research identifies that 82% of housing providers feel COVID will have a long-term impact on the use of technology.

Like me, you may have taken for granted, in some respects, that we can continue to work from home or even continue to access services like our banks remotely. Largely this capability is the result of organisations using the cloud, which we are all coming into contact with daily. In fact, as many as 92% of organisations are already at least somewhat in the cloud, it is a shift that has quickly gathered pace in the last decade.

At Appello, we view cloud as one of many cogs in the digital transformation wheel, one of significant importance that enable other elements to flourish. We discussed this in depth in a report we launched earlier in 2021, ‘Go Further with Cloud’. In many industries and disciplines, we have seen how cloud empowers an organisation’s digital transformation. In fact, in 2018, research undertaken by McKinsey identified cloud-based services as the second most adopted technology in successful digital transformations, only behind traditional internet services. That is a staggering fact if you consider how the scale to which the internet is used.

So, what makes the Technology Enabled Care (TEC) sector different?

Simply put, nothing! Cloud is equally as important in this sector as it is others, and the last 18 months have highlighted how incredibly important it is to TEC.

This is why Appello are so pleased to have been shortlisted in not one, but three categories at the Cloud Excellence awards, along with multinationals from John Lewis and IBM, to Civica and our own NHS.

This is recognition, amongst a traditionally IT environment, that we are taking the right approach. An approach which is benefitting our customers, improving the safety of the most vulnerable in our communities, and setting the benchmark for Technology Enabled Care services.

How has cloud benefitted our business?

Our shortlisting’s in three categories highlights the breadth of the capabilities of cloud and how it can make improvements to many areas of an organisation.

Appello DigitalBridge, our cloud application for converting analogue protocols to digital, is a finalist in the category ‘Most Innovative Cloud Service’. This application has been proven to enhance safety in areas affected by call failure rates. Working with some clients we have enabled them to reduce first-time failure rates of over 20% to less than 1%, supporting them on their transition to digital and mitigating the risks of first-time call failures.

Appello CareNet, our cloud hosted call handling platform is a finalist in the category ‘Best Use of Cloud in the Pandemic’. It’s ability to enable remote working has been critical to the response to the pandemic amongst those monitoring centres that utilise the platform. This has enabled critical monitoring services to continue throughout the pandemic with minimal impact on service.

Appello Cloud Services, our full suite of cloud services, including AppelloSBR and AppelloHQ our two applications for the management of data, have also been shortlisted in the category ‘Best Use of Cloud in the Pandemic’. Ensuring personal data is maintained and accurate during the pandemic has been significantly important in ensuring appropriate care is provided in an emergency. These cloud applications have given housing providers greater control over their data even when operating away from a property – supporting their affective response to the pandemic.

If you would like to learn more about our cloud services visit: www.appello.co.uk/cloud


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