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The door entry solution of the future, is here, and the timing couldn’t be better.

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Facial recognition and infrared temperature checking are innovations we are already using in our daily lives, possibly without consideration. Unlocking my phone by just looking at it is a useful convenience, that I just take for granted now. The importance of monitoring our body temperature has never been more important and doing this in a few seconds is very useful. We zap our temperature every time we come into the office at Appello, I’m not sure we could have been so diligent if we needed to stick a thermometer under our tongue!

The introduction of these innovation into a communal housing setting provides an opportunity to deliver greater safety, security and ultimately improve the wellbeing of residents.

Video Door Entry
The integration of video door entry into Smart Living Solution (SLS) has provided residents with a feeling of greater security, giving residents confidence over who they are letting into the property. Seeing the caller on the screen, supports those who have hearing impairments, the optional ability to take a screenshot helps with deterring nuisance callers.

Video calling has been around a long time though, however usually part of a separate system. The integration into SLS is convenient, negates the costs of two systems, and provides residents with single location to engage with for the Technology Enabled Care in their home.
Improving the experience of living in a property has always been our intention with door entry, and our latest developments meet some of the challenge’s residents face day to day.

Facial Recognition
For those living in a communal property, the level of security it offers is often an important factor when relocating. However, the compromise with security is that it can sometimes to be inconvenient. When returning home, trying to find your keys/fob at the entrance to your property can sometimes be a challenge, even worse when your hands are full of shopping bags!

Facial recognition introduced into the panel means that upon recognising the person facing the panel, the door will be opened removing the need to locate a fob at the bottom of your coat pocket. A neat optional extra that can make a difference to residents.

This is not a replacement for fobs, but another means of authorising access. Not even the latest iPhone is reliant just on facial recognition.
In the current climate, facial recognition also means contactless, removing the need to touch the same door panel as everyone else, and therefore reducing the risk of spreading infection.

Temperature Checking
To further assist housing providers with limiting the spread of infections, our latest optional addition to door entry is infrared temperature checking automatically taken at the door entry panel. Within a few seconds those approaching a property can be made aware that they have a significantly high temperature, and site staff can also be alerted.

This information provides housing providers with greater knowledge and enables informed decisions to be made that can minimise the chance of any virus being introduced into a property. Supporting housing providers to maintain the safety and welling of their customers.

These latest additions offer housing providers useful innovations that many of us are using already in our day to day lives. They are innovative and exciting but not complicated which is why by introducing them into the door entry of a property, housing providers can add further safety and an even greater customer experience.

To learn more about these latest additions email sales@appello.co.uk

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