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Telecoms providers announce regional digital upgrades in 2020 – are you prepared?

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In my previous LinkedIn post I shared exciting news from BT and Virgin that they will commence trials of their digital telecom’s networks across the country in 2020.

This significant news highlights that changes are taking place now and as a result we all, both housing providers and service providers, need to be prepared.

Appello have been leading the way with digital telecare in the UK. The relationships we have built with telecoms providers have enabled us to ensure that the services we offer provide our customers with a reliable, safe and secure, digital telecare solution.

In late 2018, we visited and tested our Smart Living Solutions equipment at the new BT digital services lab at Adastral Park near Ipswich. This is an environment created by BT that replicates the ongoing changes in the network to ensure equipment is fit for purpose. On that occasion we invited an independent engineering and software consultancy to verify the testing. The testing confirmed that, “The Appello Digital Telecare system performed well, far outperforming analogue systems”.

In late 2019, BT introduced the business services lines into the lab. This is the service that our own Smart Living Solutions would use to access the outside world and divert calls to the monitoring centre, rather than using a consumer service.

There is very little difference from an infrastructure perspective, but we like a belts and braces approach, so for completeness we revisited the centre to test Smart Living Solutions again. On this occasion we invited along one of our most innovative customers, Central and Cecil Housing.

As a digital technology enthusiast, Central and Cecil’s Head of Innovation and Technology, Stuart Harper, joined us for the testing to audit the results. Once again this was extremely positive as Smart Living Solutions performed seamlessly over the business service lines.

Stuart said: “Knowing that Appello had successfully tested its equipment previously with BT was an important factor when Central and Cecil started the digital telecare upgrade programme with Appello in 2019. As we have now installed Smart Living Solutions into a few developments, we were confident this testing would be seamless. It passed again with flying colours, specifically highlighting the great speed of digital telecare connections in comparison to older analogue systems.”

In 2020 digital telecare should by no means be met with uncertainty, these systems are clearly the most appropriate solution for the todays environment, and immensely proven. At Appello we have just taken our 2 millionth digital call and see every day many housing providers and thousands of vulnerable individuals realising the benefits.

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