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Smart Living Solutions vs SmartConnect, which is right for you?

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Smart Living Solutions (SLS), developed by Appello in 2016, was the first digital telecare solution available in the UK, and has gone from strength to strength. It has now been installed in over 500 developments across the UK, supporting over 25,000 individuals to live happier, safer lives. SmartConnect is our more recent addition to our portfolio, giving our customers further flexibility when meeting customer needs. So, which one is right for you?


In short, it could be both. It depends on the environment you are looking to install the equipment, the customers within that property, and your vision and service objectives for the customers.


Both solutions are hardwired, and wall mounted thus ensuring they comply with the important British Standards for telecare systems. There is no chance either will be misplaced in an emergency or found with an empty battery.


Again, both use the industry standard digital protocol for communal telecare equipment, NOW-IP. Appello alone have managed over 10 million calls via this protocol, so you can be assured it has proven its reliability.


At their core, both are digital emergency alarm systems, with their objective to ensure the service user can access critical support in an emergency. As digital systems they both deliver almost instant connection speeds, improved call clarity and mitigate the risks of call queues. For those where these are the only objectives, then this can be delivered through the stylish designed SmartConnect. It enables those who want to solely replicate the service they deliver currently, to do so with a safe, trusted digital connection, designed specifically for the digital telecoms network.


It is also, uniquely able to deliver this connection over existing CAT4 cable, depending on the cable being to an appropriate standard. Although our advice is to upgrade wiring, as it can become degraded overtime, we appreciate there are occasions when this is not feasible – for instance the property could be in a heritage location.


Smart Living Solutions delivers all the features of SmartConnect, but goes much further by delivering benefits to wellbeing, communication, experience and even working practices.


For those that are looking to embrace all that digital technology offers and make a significant change to the service delivered to customers, then SLS is the answer. To start with SLS has a built-in display from which a host of additional benefits are delivered. Video door entry and video calling with staff and other residents are all provided via the screen. This gives residents not only the added security benefits of seeing who is requesting access to their property but enables communication within a development that creates a community and is proven to reduce social isolation and enhance wellbeing of customers.


The enhancements to wellbeing continue, Bluetooth connectivity can be used to integrate a range of devices that improve the experience, such as speakers. SLS can even act as a WIFI hotspot enabling customers to access the internet and the far-reaching engagement benefit it offers.


The display for SLS can even be customised to meet your customers personal needs. You can brand it, and you can even integrate your organisations own applications, so for instance if you have a payment portal of repairs application, you can ensure all customers have access to it via SLS. The benefits are far reaching and make a significant improvement to the customer experience.


In short, your strategy is likely to be more complex. On the whole you may be looking to make improvements to the lives of customers, meeting changing expectations, which can be delivered through SLS. However, you may have properties where environmental challenges or customer requirements mean the focus on creating a safe connection is paramount, and therefore SmartConnect is the appropriate choice.


To recap the benefits of SmartConnect are:

– Digital connections utilising existing CAT4 cabling.

– Instant connection speed.

– Improved call clarity.

– Mitigates the risks of call queues.

– Use industry standard digital protocol.


And the benefits of Smart Living Solutions are:

– Instant connection speed.

– Improved call clarity.

– Mitigate the risks of call queues.

– Uses industry standard digital protocol.

– Video door entry.

– Video communication with staff and residents.

– Bluetooth connectivity.

– WIFI hotspot.

– Customisable interface.

– And much more…


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