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One year on: My experience of working at Appello and joining during the pandemic

One year on: my experience working at Appello and joining during the pandemic

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Today marks my one-year anniversary at Appello, and whilst it has gone extremely quickly, I began my journey in a very strange environment. Like many others, I started at Appello during the pandemic. My interviews were held virtually and when I went into the office to meet my soon-to-be manager, I was introduced to a quiet and empty environment as everyone was working from home.


Even though the interview process was very different, I felt entirely at ease and settled into the process even though it was virtual. In these strange times we have all had to adapt and keep ourselves as safe as possible.


Starting my new role at Appello during the pandemic was quite strange. When being taken around the office to meet different people, smiling at one another was hidden due to face masks, instead eye contact was the focus point whilst keeping 2 meters apart. But it didn’t matter, everyone was so friendly and made me feel very welcome.


We were all forced to work from home when the second lockdown hit in November, and a lot of people I have still only met from their shoulders upwards. But everyone was in the same situation, so we had to make the most of it and instead of emailing, many calls were made instead to enable people to see one another’s face and have a brief chat.


My job is within the marketing department and can range from social media management, website maintenance, to filming and editing. It is an exciting job role where everyday there is something different to do. Our marketing team is small, so we are always kept very busy, but the use of Teams makes it easy for us to stay in contact with one another on a daily basis whilst working remotely.


This is my first role in the Technology Enable Care sector, often referred to as TEC. It is a sector undergoing significant change. From a year of learning about TEC, I have noticed the vast amount of technology and innovations out there that can help vulnerable people stay safe and live independent lives. Not only physical devices but the ability of connecting products together and generating up-to-date data of each individual’s activity.


Although it is inevitable that this is the way of the future, there still seems to be some education, awareness and persuasion needed to encourage people to come round to the industry’s benefits. This I believe to be the greatest challenge, not only in individuals but also service providers, finding a way to enable them to understand the benefits now and in the longer term.


For someone in marketing, this is something that can be looked at through messaging and also gaining case studies and interviews with those who have already made that digital leap and want to share their stories with others. By knowing similar companies have made that investment can encourage others to make that jump.


I am very proud to work at Appello, it is a company full of fantastic people constantly thinking and producing new initiative ideas


Once more are on board and ready to make an investment into TEC I feel the next few years hold a huge amount of promise for the sector and will see it expanding even further than it already has. The benefits out way the negatives, which has already been proven through the pandemic. Technology bridged the gap between isolation and contact with others. Digital technology is the future and I’m very pleased to be part of this industry.


I am very proud to work at Appello, it is a company full of fantastic people constantly thinking and producing new initiative ideas to help vulnerable people lead independent and fulfilled lives. It is a company that encourages everyone to speak out and find new ways to bring all their employees together to get to know one another. With over 200 employees you’re bound to find someone you want to eat lunch with.


My year at Appello has gone extremely quickly, but it has been an exciting year and an eye opener into the Technology Enabled Care industry. An industry that is important to keep those most vulnerable safe whilst living independently. I’m proud to be part of this company. Bring on the second year!

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