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Introducing the new Appello KnowledgeBase to ensure everyone can embrace the move to digital Technology Enabled Care.

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It is really important to everyone at Appello that our customers have a great experience and realising the benefits of their investment in digital Technology Enabled Care.

We want to ensure that site staff are feeling the efficiency benefits and being supported in their new way of working. We want to ensure residents are comfortable with the equipment, and confident to use all the features that can improve their wellbeing and support them to live independently.

This is important to us because we have seen first-hand how much our services can improve people’s lives, and we want to see this with all our customers. We also know that a great experience breeds loyal customers, customers that will share their experiences with others.

Our digital services are designed to be intuitive, but there are varying levels of experience with technology amongst our customers. The digital divide is definitely shrinking, aided by the significant growth in technology adoption amongst older demographics, as a result of COVID-19. When we first launched Smart Living Solutions we would occasionally be told ‘this is great, but my customers don’t use technology’ – I don’t think we have received even one comment along those lines in the last couple of years. Furthermore, the desire for those working in supported housing to use technology in their roles in experiencing a huge boom.

However, there will always be customers who have less confidence in technology, and like many of us there are always occasions when we need a reminder on how to use a function, be that on our mobile phones, computer, or any device.

For this reason, we developed the Appello KnowledgeBase a couple of years ago, a platform designed to support our customers to embrace our services. It has been a welcome resource, and therefore this week we have launched a refreshed version, with more content, and information to ensure Appello customers have the greatest experience when moving to digital.

The KnowledgeBase contains everything from videos, to guides and FAQ’s. A platform that can be utilised by everyone in the organisation and can be especially helpful to new starters coming into a development where equipment has already been installed.

We are keen to ensure that when you move to Appello your experience is not transactional – we do not install equipment and walk away, it is important to us that you have a greater experience and the new KnowledgeBase is another way we are delivering this support.

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