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The past year has seen many challenges thrown, not only our way but the Technology Enabled Care industry as a whole. But throughout these difficult times, we have managed to come out on the other side and achieve some of the best results that Appello have ever seen, including:


– Winning the Best Use of Technology in Seniors Housing with our Smart Living Solutions (SLS) suite.

– Achieving the Top 50 Best Technology Companies to work for.

– We have launched two new products: SmartLife, our market first digital dispersed alarm with interoperability to enable the use of existing peripherals, and, SmartConnect an SLS alternative to those beginning their digital transformation journey.

– We have met the TSA guidelines every month, even with the pandemic challenges.

– We have received over 5 million alarm calls.

– This year marks 5 years since we launched our Smart Living Solutions suite, which has now been deployed in c500 developments.

– To meet our continued company growth, we have onboarded over 108 new starters.


We couldn’t have achieved these results without our customers, so we wanted to say a big thank you to all of them who have supported us during 2021.


But most of all, we are very excited about what we can do for those of you looking to start your digital journey in 2022. There is a lot that we all know is going to be difficult, but Technology Enabled Care services continues to prove, time and time again, how when it’s delivered well, using caring, brilliant, empathetic people, and with intelligent, well designed, technology solutions, you end up with really great outcomes for end customers. Those are the people that we are all here to serve and we hope to help you achieve those outcomes in the future.


For now, have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Message from Tim Barclay, CEO at Appello.


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