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500 and counting for Smart Living Solutions

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Just weeks after celebrating five years since the first installation of Smart Living Solutions, we’re elated to announce the completion of an installation at our 500th housing development.


The first fully digital telecare and Technology Enabled Care (TEC) solution in the UK, Smart Living Solutions (SLS), quickly became the gold stand for emergency alarm and wellbeing systems in specialist housing.


As housing providers strive to improve, or transform, the living experience of their residents many have introduced digital capabilities. This has been accelerated due to the upgrade of the UK telecoms network, meaning many have turned to SLS because of the safety and wellbeing benefits it provides. As a result, it has become the market leading solution, recognised by unprecedented scale of installations, and over 20,000 customers benefitting from the added perks of a digital offering.



Since inception in 2016, SLS has developed to meet changing market requirements, customer needs and growing expectation for technology. Recent advancements meant that current iterations include the option of WiFi connectivity, enabling customers to realise all the social and convenience benefits of wireless internet. Similarly, optional BluetoothTM connectivity, a development resulting from customer demand, means that additional products can be integrated, such as supplementary speakers in other rooms to expand the coverage of the system.


Speaking on the announcement of the 500th site, at John Shoobridge Court in Dorset, managed by Housing21, Iain Hockings, Head of Marketing at Appello explained: “These recent developments are testament to how a digital environment is not designed to stand still. When we created Smart Living Solutions, we knew what we deployed at the first site back in 2016 in Durham, would evolve over time, and would be different to our 500th site. Furthermore, we know our 1000th site will be different again.


This is the environment we live in; technology is changing quickly. If you wait for the next innovation around the corner, you are disadvantaging the customers of today, therefore we are conscious of developing and deploying equipment that acts as an enabler. Creating solutions which allow you to redesign your offering and set the foundations for you to take advantage of tomorrows technology is at the forefront of our developments. Smart Living Solutions has been ground-breaking in achieving this in Technology Enabled Care, and therefore we are already excited about the next 500 sites.”


Tim Barclay, CEO at Appello, commented: “This is a momentous occasion for Appello, delivering 500 sites means we are now supporting over 20,000 end-customers to live better lives, safer and more inclusive. We are really proud of how Smart Living Solutions improves customers lives. 500 is just the steppingstone towards greater numbers, but it is an important milestone on this analogue to digital journey, one which we are very proud to be leading with our customers.”

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