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Appello has been audited by British Standard Institution on ISO9001:2015 Quality accreditation

We are pleased to announce that Appello has retained the British Standard Institution (BSI) on ISO9001:2015 Quality Management by passing our recent audit. We were measured on, customer complaint reviews, telecare call handling, attrition rate to remain below 20% and ensuring projects are conducted within agreed times and budgets.


Alongside this accreditation we continue to hold BS8591, BS8484, liP and the TSA Quality Standards Framework (QSF) accreditation. The QSF was first launched in 2017 where we were the first national Technology Enabled Care (TEC) monitoring centre to meet TSA’s QSF. We have maintained this accreditation for 4 years after passing the latest audit in July 2021 – read full case study here.


Rachel England, Customer Relations Manager said: “Everyone at Appello has worked extremely hard to maintain a high standard of delivering life impactful services whilst ensuring the best practice remains at the forefront of our delivery. Without our exceptional teamwork we wouldn’t be able to maintain these accreditations.”