6 Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) trends you will see accelerate in 2021



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With much anticipation for 2021 within supported housing, we have drawn on our market leading experience to identify 6 significant trends for Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) in the year ahead.

As the digital telecoms environment is now upon us, the events of the last year have meant that those organisations that have been slow to act on upgrading to digital Technology Enabled Care Services, must now accelerate their transformation plans.

The first half of this decade was always going to be a time of significant change, progress, and transformation. Looking positively, the learnings from COVID-19 will provide greater insight into where investment will need to be prioritised, and what innovations will make the greatest advancements.

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Join Tim Barclay, CEO and Mark Stratford, Commercial Director at Appello, who will discuss our predicted TECS trends for 2021. Looking at what they mean for the sector and how they will impact housing providers who are at the start of their TECS digital transformation.

Thursday 5th November, 1.30PM


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